Update's on Voddie


Morning Denise
Voddie is settling in nicely even started to ignore the cat. ! We're keeping her cool in this warm weather spraying her with cool clean water and early and late walks.
Tina ordered Dr Clauder's food from IR but I've also found a distributor in England and I just wish to know exactly the name of dog food so it's registered with the new distributor.
Many thanks

Thanks for the info Richard.
Voddie settling in nicely she loves the outdoors and she has already been to the pub twice ; no beer or crisps.
We will send piccies when I get to work. Ireland such a beautiful place we are sure to come back soon and if course we will let you know when we do.
Take care

Voddie settling in nicely and seems to be very happy here.
One thing she tends to pee indoors abit, how does one train her to go outside and pee and then make that the norm ?

Thanks for the tips. We are/were doing exactly as you suggested, was wondering if there were any others. But since writing, she has been asking to go out more which is nice.
The attached photo shows Voddie relaxing in the kitchen after gnawing her bone !

Hello Richard/Denise
Voddie doing very well she seems comfortable at home and likes her new surroundings we give her a lot of attention and affection and she gives us the same back.
She has been on heat since the beginning of August how long do you reckon that will last ?
Other than that she is doing very well thank you, more pictures to follow.
Kind regards
PJ Tina Tracey & Erik

Richard she's ok.
We registered her to a local vet here soon after she arrived and our vet was asking for more information which our vet contacted the one in Ireland over 2 weeks ago but your vet did not reply to date. So we asked your vet to provide all details or confirm no more as requested by our vet. Which I believe we still await.

Hi Richard & Denise
Hope you two are well.
As promised a lone picture of Miss Voddie. Trying to get her to stand still is nigh impossible she is always on the go sniffing and enjoying the surroundings, and when one crouches down to take the picture she comes running towards us, but we got this one just in time. She is doing very well and we are more than pleased with her being with us.
Take Care

Hi Richard,Denise
Hope you are well. Voddie is fine, here she is relaxing after a hard days playing and eating !
January and Feb so far has been cold, but quite sunny here, so every time she went out she had a nice coat on to keep her warm.
Hope all good your side. Take care and write soon.
Voddie x. PJ & Trace

Hi Denise/Richard
Hope all is well. Not heard from since last correspondence, hope this is because you are busy for another season of shows. Voddie is well and looks pristine as ever. She is enjoying the longer days, I usually finish early Fridays now and take for a nice walk late afternoon so she has a long weekend with us.
Look forward to hearing from.
Take care.
Voddie, pj + Tracey

Nice to hear from you both. Happy to hear your Boxers continue to be successful, testimony to how well they are bought up and looked after, Voddie being prime example.
If you do come to Bath let us know and we will endeavour to bring Voddie to meet you.
We’ve had the odd day or 2 which has been sunny and pleasant but on the whole is it is still quite cold here, but at least the days are longer.
Hope all goes well with Richard’s scan
Take care & chat soon.

Hi Richard/Denise
Hope you are both well and in good spirit. Its been a year since we came over to meet you in Ireland and met Voddie and the rest of the lovely Boxers; gosh are we glad that we did. Voddie is well and still looks as nice as the first day we met her, attached is a picture of her from last week.
We took her to Bridport with us about a month ago, where we spent 3-4 lovely days there with her, she enjoyed her stay. Voddie is so well behaved and such a social dog, on a daily basis she gets compliments on her looks and physique. She is very well looked after.
We would love to come back to Ireland for a visit we enjoyed our last stay, but I dare not take Voddie on the ferry unless they let us keep her with us in the cabin.
Hope the show season is keeping you busy and winning loads more awards; should not be difficult with your pedigree. Anyway tale care and chat soon.
Kind Regards
Voddiex, Tracey PJ

Morning Denise/Richard
Hope you both are well. How was your summer shows, many more accolades ?
Voddie is very well, still slim and beautiful as the first time we saw her, very playful and always hungry. She gets along with the cat as well know, well except when she gets bored ! It was Voddie’s 5th birthday end of August, the plan was to take her out for the day and treat her to an ice cream and lots more, but the weather was awful, so there was a slight delay. She got loads of presents; toys and foodie stuff. Saying that, every day is a birthday for her & us, she is looked after very well because she gives us immense pleasure.
She’ll will be going away with us for a 3-4 days to coast soon and to dine with us tomorrow, it’s Tracey’s birthday.
Hope all is well with you both. Take care.

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