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Hi hope all is well
Please see photos of max this week, he is growing very fast and is a joy
Mike and Anna

Dear Richard & Denise,
Re:- Khan (Born 15 September 2012).
I have kept meaning to call you to ask various questions and send some photo's. However we have been watching the website & know that you have your own problems - so have decided to email instead.
Our Prince Khan is adorable, lovely and totally part of our family. He is turning into a right handsome fellow, but when tired looks like an old man. His loving, manic and totally mad, but pathetic also with a super character to match. Khan as expected is a large lad - Big boned but not fat. He weighed in at 32.5kg last month. We have kept to your diet of raw mince & / or chicken served with hills science plan. Can you answer the following please.
1. How much in weight should Khan be having in a meal of raw mince & / or chicken.
2. Now looking at Hills Khan can move from the puppy mix up to the normal dog mix - Should we wait to do this till his 18 months. Also you told us always to buy food for a medium sized dog - knowing his size & weight do we continue with medium or go up to large.
3. We still give vitamin c & calcium tablets. How long do we do this for & should we be giving anything else.
4. We only give Khan 1 meal a day now - is this ok.
5. Yogurt - Does this continue?
If you have any other diet advise please say.
We do have other questions but for now they can wait. We do hope that things your end work out., Hope you didn't mind us emailing you.
Love & best wishes
Becky & Mick Maynard

Hi Denise
I am sorry to hear that Richard is having such a rough time, please pass on my regards and I hope he recovers soon.
Max is doing very well, just under 10 kilos now.
I have sent a few pics and will send more this weekend.
He seems to be having problems with his teething and is very nippy, but hopefully in a few weeks they will be through. It's hard to try and keep him off of things, but mainly Jamie who seems to take the brunt of it.
We are confident that everything will be fine, he likes going for a walk and playing in the garden, he has met quite a few other dogs in haywards Heath and is coping well, when we do take him for a walk he does attract a lot of attention and everyone comments on how lovely he is.
Mike and Anna

Hi Richard and Denise
Hope you are both well and that Richard is recovering well from his surgery.
Just sent you a few pictures of Max, as you can see he is growing very fast and is calming down a little.
He loves to take a long walk in the woods now, but doesn't like getting cold or wet.
He has a vets appointment on Friday for his follow up worming treatment.
Will try and send you a little video of Max in the woods
Kind regards

Hi Richard and Denise
Hope you are well
Was wandering if you had ever seen anything like this before, it doesn't seem to be bothering max and literally came up over night.
Do you think we should consult a vet
Kind regards

Dear Richard & Denise,
Thank you so much for the reply.
One quick question - You told us always to buy food for a medium sized dog - knowing Khan's size & weight do we continue with Hills medium or go up to large?
Hoping Richard is still making a good recovery. Very relieved to see the website is back up & running.
Many thanks in advance.
Love & Best wishes
Becky & Mick Maynard

Seasons Greetings from Abbie

Just an update.
Just wanted to send you our latest photo of Rambo which was taken a couple of days ago, it sure is hard getting photos of a dog that don't sit still though. So far, we have found his temperament to be fantastic, he is brilliant with the 2 boys, very affectionate, full of beans and since we've been socialising him at 11 weeks, he has been good with other dogs and people too. We couldn't have asked for a better family dog and in just 6 weeks he has become one of the family.
Thanks so much!
Ps. We hope all is well.
Martin and Lorraine.

Merry Christmas from Max, Mike, Ana and Jamie

Hi Denise and Richard, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. And Happy New Year for tomorrow. xxxxxxxx
Lesley and Dave

hope you had a good Christmas just thought I would drop you an email
to say barnys fine were all OK hope you both are .
I have lost your phone no as I would have phoned to have a catch up if you could forward
it to me that would be great ,
we cant believe barny will be 3 years old soon wow dosent time fly.
hes got 5x rosettes now from shows nothing serious just fun ones,
well proud of barny.
look forward to hearing from you soon
best wishes
lee Tina and barny xxx

Hello again, sorry about the late reply but we have been so busy making sure everything is going great for Jess, so far she has eaten & had plenty of water and been to the toilet outside - 2 number 2's which she had lots of praise which she loved every minute of (the outside area has been scrubbed down with J's fluid beforehand so is puppy safe), I hope your journey is going well?
I will update you on her big adventure and upload some photos in the next few days (if she slows down for the camera lol) - thank you very much for allowing us to have Jess, she is so loving and confident - you wouldn't of thought she had just left the litter only hours before.

Hi Richard and Denise, thank you so much for the adorable little bundle that is Henry. He has had his Vet check, all ok. He loves his food. We got up at 4 am last night, he had a wee and poo, then slept till 9 am. I am happy with that. He is a pickle but a lovely pickle. He seems very bright and knowing. I hope the rest of your journey was not too taxing and you have a chance to relax. . Xx

Henry is doing really well. He is clean at night, touch wood, so far. Xx
Hi Richard and Denise if I have sent any pics twice just ignore me. My mobile said the emails had failed then must have sent them anyway. Henry was very gentle with my grandson. We can see that he is bigger already. He is so cute and cheeky. I am in love. (not with Dave) lol. xxxx

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