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Hello Denise and Richard,
Thought I would let you know how Devon is getting on. Yesterday was our first day together, so started off with our routine. We all got up early and went to the woods for walk. We didn't meet any of the regulars, but back for breakfast. Then Devon and wellington napped on the rugs whilst we had a bath. Then a new adventure off to Earlham Park. Devon followed Wellington lead getting into the Car, although needed help from Steve. ( She is much lighter than Wellington by about 8kg) Devon had a calm lead walk whilst Wellington made friends charging round with a Black Lab and leaping over a dog at high speed ( we were all a little embarrassed). Devon then joined Wellington on a long lead for a splash about in the river. We then went on a shaded walk through the woods by the river occasional stopping for a splash and a drink of water. Devon told off a Norfolk Terrier who was snuffling for treats in Steve's bag, he decided fair enough and went away. Many people commented on how beautiful Devon was, and laughed at me because I had big Devon mud prints on my yellow dress ( but I didn't care). We then went Back home for a snooze whilst the sun was hot.
Devon had two little accidents in the afternoon in the rug, but she has responded well to lots of praise when she has a wee outside, Wellington showing her what a 'wee' was. We had a visit from couple of friends, who have wellington over for tea at their house, and Wellington showed Devon who was the soft touch for love and affection.
We then had tea and Devon had a snooze in her crate and Wellington also went to sleep in his crate. We all had a run up and down the garden although Devon wasn't to keen to join Wellington with his tugging antics but he his happy because it means he can play with me on his own still. Devon has learnt how to sit already, Wellington showing her how you do it and Devon's eagerness to please, she loves getting all the love and praise when she learns. She is also very good at keeping out of the kitchen, knowing she must not go past the matt ( because she jumps we don't want her getting hurt in there)
I feel asleep on the Sofa and woke up to a Devon Scarf. We all went to bed ( all on our own bed but same room) for a quite and restful night.
We got up this morning and went for a walk in the woods. Devon met Alfie, Minature schnauzer and his owner. We all came back for Breaskfast, Wellington trying for the first time the same breakfast as Devon, and to our surprise he ate it all.
We then decided to have a trip out to the beach, and as it was nearly empty, Devon joined Wellington for an explore and race off lead. She is very good at her recall although she will be on the lead everywhere else for a few weeks. Devon looked unimpressed with the murky North sea instead of crystal clear water she is used too. We all then went to the beach cafe, Devon and Wellington being so good that they got a lot of praise from other beach goers, both getting a venison stick which they enjoyed. We then went to visit the pet store and for Devon to register with the vets and book her appointment for spaying. (The 9th August 2013 @9:30am) Devon and Wellington Snift out the best biscuits to have a treats on walks.
We then had chance meeting with the dog walker who was passing by with Wellington mates Ayva and Bramble. Wellington said Hello whilst Devon just watched. Now Devon is snuggled in her crate for Afternoon sleep and Welllington is the sofa next to me....... whilst I was typing Devon came and gave me a cuddle and kiss and look at the screen and now has gone back to her crate.
She has been brilliant and Wellington has really taken to her, and is being very respectful. We are delighted as they slowly build up their friendship.
Please see some Photographs attached.
Very best Wishes
Helen and Steve

Hi Richard and Denise
I hope your journey back was better than your trip here.
Couple of things, firstly max is settling in well, despite a rather dodgy tummy, I will send some pictures at the weekend. He is eating well and is sleeping reasonably well.
I have made an appointment for him to see the vet on Wednesday, can you just confirm that he still needs his second vaccination, you mentioned they would all be done but got a tad confused, I will also see the vet about his worming follow on. I have been advised it will be £47.30 for vaccination so want to make sure he does need it.
Denise mentioned the ikc reg number but again got a bit lost.
Max is a real character and we are very happy, so thank you
Will send pics at weekend and look forward to hearing from you soon
Mike and Anna

Hi Richard and Denise
Hope you are well, thanks for this.
Took Max to the vet yesterday and he had his vaccination ok, he was also given some pro biotic as he is slightly under weight (6.3) and still has a dodgy tummy. Will keep an eye on him but the vet said his tummy etc felt ok so hopefully he will be ok
He also has his follow up worming treatment, happily everything is the same brand as you have been using.
He is very active and is a joy to have, although sometimes he has too much energy early in the morning.
I am taking pictures daily and as promised will send a selection at the weekend.
Mike and Anna

Hi Denise & Richard,
Hope that your return ferry crossing was smoot & that you've had time to
relax & unwind.
It was so good to meet you both the other day, and thought you would like to know how Mazie is settling in.
To be honest it couldn't have gone any better, she loves the family &all the attention she is getting.
Frank is showing her the ropes & keeping a watchful eye on her - just a few little spats at the beginning which is only to be expected, but Frank stood his ground & they are the best of friends as you can see by the photo.
Mick has been off this week to settle Mazie in, getting her used to her new routine of a walk/run across the fields first thing in the morning, and another in the afternoon (he calls her his little pocket rocket, because she is so fast, but does stay close to Frank which is good).
She loves her food & gets very excited at meal times, wolfing her own food & then tries to muscle in on Franks, so we feed them in separate rooms so she knows that she doesn't get any extra which seems to be working well, she has even learnt to sit & wait until we say it is okayto begin - what a clever girl!!
You may be surprised to learn that Mazie sleeps in her cage with Frank in his basket downstairs (I bet you thought she would be on the boys beds) but we thought she would feel safer & to be honest she loves it -
Frank was the one that was upset & howled on the first night, but all okay now.
I will send you some more photos & keep you posted on how things are
going, but wanted to say a big big thank you for letting us have Mazie,
it is almost as if it was meant to be.
Lots of Love,
Mick, Janie & the gang xxxx

Hi Denise,
Trust all is good with your pack. I seem to have mislaid Hooch's paperwork file, and want to ensure his inoculations are kept up to date. Was the paperwork in a pink plastic envelope? Do you recall when he is due his boosters and for what (kennel cough etc)? Also, do you have the name and address / phone number of your vet as my vet needs to verify what has already been given and when, before he gives a booster.
Hooch is doing really well, and he is such a character. Whatever I am doing around the house he comes and stares to take it all in. He is always after a game and loves going for a run with me. If we ever mention going for a run or walk he gets so excited he does "vertical jump dog"!
We were considering getting him castrated, or maybe taking your advice as to whether we should breed from him once first - what do you think?
He had a split nail earlier in the year that they had to cut back, and so he had the"cone of shame" on for a couple of days. See photo attached.

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