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Molly has settled in really well it's as if she has always been part of the family!
She loves the Beach and Saltburn woods, sits when told says please and sits at the curb when we are crossing roads. She seems quite intelligent. The only thing we find different is that neither Gemma or Megan ever barked but Molly is very vocal!!!! We say to her quiet but she takes no notice. She is a good eater, but doesn't come across as greedy, if she has had enough she stops eating.
We have bought her lots of toys but her favourite one is a plastic plant pot, she loves helping Don in the garden, as you can see by the enclosed photo, in fact she follows him everywhere.
Hope all is well with you both and have settled into married life, will keep in touch and send you more photos.
Kind Regards
Margaret & Don and Molly

Hope the wedding went well.
As you can see we are very strict with Harvey!
Best wishes
Sharon's and Henry

Hi Denise and Richard,
Just to let you know Golly is fine. She has grown loads and become really muscley from running on the hills. She no longer seems to get puffed at all, and is a typical mad boxer first walk of the morning.
I have started to take her to the local dog training club which she loves as it gives her the chance to socialise. Even the trainer says she is the most intelligent boxer she has ever met! Not that she had a high opinion of them before!
Unfortunately she was in the garden last week when the neighbour decided to let off some fireworks. It made her panic so for the next few days there was the embarassment of her refusing to go out after dark unless carried and dumped outside!! So I took her along to a firework display - from about 1/2 mile away and just sat with her during the fireworks. When she saw I wasn't panicking she settled down and went to sleep. So that solved that one, and she is fine again now.
She is so sweet with the cats. She pushes them over and washes them. She is so much part of the family and her favourite place is lying stretched out in front of the fire. Hope all is going well with you
All best wishes

Dear Richard, I hope that you receive this picture of Mia who is now nearly nine months old. She is absolutely adorable, very affectionate and full of energy and fun. She now weighs 24 kg. she loves the beach and would be there all day if we let her!! She is so beautiful that she gets many admiring comments from people. I am sending this on my phone and can't seem to attach more than one photo at a time so I will send a couple of others separately.
Very best wishes,
Mick& Fiona

Hi Richard
Yes she is settling in very well and comes to work with us every day, she has completely taken over the place and everyone loves her to bits!
Will get this sent off as soon as it arrives! Have you seen the pictures of Molly on Wullies
Sandra Gow

Dear Richard & Denise,
Sorry it has taken so long to email you with the first few pictures of our gorgeous baby Boy Khan. Khan is very well & growing by the second.
Hope your journey back to Ireland was a good one. How's Tizzy?
Will sort the next few photo's and send another email soon.
Best wishes
Becky & Mick.

Hi Denise and Richard,
I hope you are well and had a lovely Christmas.
I just wanted to let you know how Charlie is doing. He has settled in completely now, he is enjoying his walks, although he cannot understand why all other dogs don't want to play :-) he is really sociable and already understands basic commands; sit, stay, leave etc.
He is an absolute joy, although he has the house training a bit backwards, he will play in the garden then rush in to wee on the mat! We are getting there, he's clean through the night and happily uses the garden in the morning. He's still you g yet do we are not worried. He has a skin infection at the moment, and is on his third week of antibiotics which are working.
I have attached a picture below and will keep sending you more as he grows.
Take care

Hi guys
Hope your both well
Thought this might make you smile long walk in the mud a quick shower & settle down to watch the rugby last weekend.
Take care
Gill Hunter X

Hello. Thank you for your e mail. Miss fergie flashy pants fulker has settled in very well. We walk around the farm morning noon and night and she is really good, although getting more daring every time! She sleeps right through the night and has done since her arrival. She is having her 2nd jab on friday. She has been very good with her food and seems to be growing rather fast. Mum keeps making her milk puddings and keeps all the meat left over from dinners for her. So all in all she has settled in very well and has her paws well and truly under the table in our house and mum and dads! Thank you both for breeding such a fabulous dog. She is well and truly loved. Best wishes to you both and I will keep you posted in the future.
Thank you.
Kind regards.
Jane, paul and fergie

Hello Denise and Richard,
Hope all going well with you both,these pictures were taken last week and thought you might like to see how she is coming on!she is adorable and well behaved for a boxer!puppy classes are going well not the best behaved but very social!she got over her tummy upset somehow she got salmonella but with a course of antibiotics she is now cured.
Will send more pictures soon.
Take care
Frank and Rosiexx

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