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Golly is great.
Going through a mischievious stage of stealing the boys teddies at every opportunity.
we have bought her some of her own but she much prefers theirs!
Loves walking over the hills, but we do notice she tires quickly so we tend to sit down with her to let her get her breath back, and keep her on the lead for a while to stop her exhausting herself.
Might be she is just not fit for our kentish hills but we will be careful not to let her overdo things.
All our best wishes

Hi Denise and Richard,
 Just to let you know that Ollie has settled in really well and we have noticed he has grown since we had him. His appetite grows every day and we have stuck with the guidelines you gave us for is meals. He is booked in to receive his second vaccination on 22nd August and I am really looking forward to taking him out and about and also to puppy class for socialising and training.
I have already started with the training he has been learning to heel, sit, give paw and to walk correctly on the lead. He has a long way to go but shows plenty of potential and maintains long periods of attention.
He still occasionally has a few accidents (wees only he has not yet had a number two in the house) in his crate but does his best to let us know if he wants to go outside to the toilet and we have continued with this and he is now getting used to his routine.
The first few nights he cried and howled but he is now much better and we hardly hear a peep out of him all night although if we have to put him in his crate when we can't keep an eye on him and he knows we are in and up he does start crying but eventually stops.
Everybody has commented on what a good looking boxer he is and it looks like he will be a big dog once he is fully grown.
He hasn't chewed or damaged anything in the house yet but has destroyed some of his toys and dug a crater in the flower bed, which was quite funny as it was twice as deep as him but we have corrected him every time he attempts to do it again and now he avoids that part of the garden.
We have bought him a Kong as you suggested but he hasn't yet grasped the concept of that yet he just chews on the end and is not really interested in the biscuits inside, He isn't really interested in his treats we bought and the ones you gave us we have not fed him any titbits and are strict with his feeding routine so he learns he only can eat at those times and not get used to grazing all day long.
We have been firm but not aggressive with him when he attempts to do something he shouldn't and every accident he has had we have not shouted at him for it, i don't believe in hitting dogs or other animals but change the tone of my voice and use a little touch with my finger to his back or side to change his line of thought from an excited state to an alert surprised state.
He knows when he is in the wrong and will become submissive when I correct him. He is a good pup and is very affectionate and loves people visiting.
He likes to be close to you when he is out of his crate and most often falls asleep on our feet. He enjoys playing and it is comical to watch him when he has his mad half an hours.
Emily has taken loads of photos of him and when I get her to send me some i will of course forward them over to you and i'm sure you will see the difference in his size.
look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Ed & Emily

Hi Richard and Denise.
I have enclosed a picture of Molly - she emptied her toy box and fell in it and this is the result!!
She is settling well but have had a few accidents today as it has been pouring down and she doesn't seem to like the rain ( who does).
Thank-you for her Registration Certificate, do I send it off? It says the fee is €15, I do have euros in money can I send that with the form?
Also I made an appointment at the vets for her injection which is due on Monday but they have told me they won't give it until 12 weeks, is that right?
Anyway it is nearly your Big Day - hope it is brilliant one and the weather is kind to you.
Kind Regards
Margaret and Don
Ps bought Molly a Black Kong today not sure what to do with it but she loves it all the same!!
PPS we got a £90 fine from South Mims, we were that excited to be getting Molly we didn't realise the time and we should have paid after two hours!!!! What luck!!

Hi Richard and Denise
Just an update and few pictures of Beau.
Hes doing realy well settling in fine he had his jabs today and didnt even flinch.
We recieved his IKC papers, do we have to send them off with our details?
Joe Tracey.

Just to let you know Boycie is settling in nicely.
He has had his jabs, is eating well, is getting on with everyone especially Alfie and only having the odd accident in the house
We have just returned from Cornwall with my young nephews and niece where he had his first visit to the beach, met sheep and generally started to explore.
He has a lovely temperament and has every one entranced.
He and Alfie are proving to be good friends and he shadows Alfie all the time.
Training classes start in a couple of weeks but he already sits and comes when called – whatever Alfie does he wants to do too
Thank you so much for allowing him to join our family.
I promise you he will be loved (maybe just a little spoilt) and cared for for all his life
Best Regards
Sara Roberts

Hi Richard and Denise,
Thanks for doing that. Golly is fine, and proving to have a wonderful character - full of cheekiness with that really nice trainable side. The kids have to watch all their toys as she helps herself whenever possible and stores them in her bed, well slobbered but not chewed. She learnt to ignore the chicken, cows, and various other livestock really quickly, and is great with the kittens - well meaning anyway - we tend to find that she washes them nicely but doesn't notice they are getting squashed by her paw holding them down!
We go for miles over the hills, and she is loves it, although we notice that after she has run for a while she will come and walk quietly with us until she gets her breath back, so we are being careful not to let her overdo it. She has grown a fair bit so I will send you some more photos soon. My sister brings her dogs over a couple of times a week so she has some socialising and a game with her young lab.
We love her very much and she has settled so well, I just wish she would stop helping me with the gardening!
Best wishes

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