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Hi Both,
Yes Risotto has settled very well. She's very cheeky. We put her in her puppy cage for night time, and within 5 mins she was out of it, she climbed up the side and got through the holes in the top. Her nickname is spider pig. We've had to take the cage away because we are worried that she will grow and then get stuck, and we don't want her having an accident. I'll send you some pics once I've got them uploaded.
My mum loves her.

Hi Richard & Denise
Just to let you know that Forty is doing fantastically well.
He’s pretty much house trained and was within a week of arriving. He is so intelligent and has already got a good general understanding of what he should and shouldn’t do which has really helped the integrating of him into the family routines. He’s great with the kids and never gets angry with them even though they can get ‘in his face’ a bit too much sometimes!!
He’s had his second injection which didn’t bother him at all and everyone at the vets including all the people waiting were all over, him saying how handsome and gorgeous he is. He’s putting on weight really well and the vets said he is an absolutely wonderful dog in terms of health, build and looks.
We’re absolutely delighted with him, couldn’t be happier. He’s a wonderful addition to the family.
Thanks for all your help - we couldn’t recommend you and your puppies highly enough.
Best regards
Paul & Jo

Hi Richard
The handover went smoothly yesterday & we were very impressed with the comprehensive nature and generous contents of the puppy packs!
The boys have settled down well & have hearty appetites, although there was a fair amount of complaining coming from their cage during last night - hopefully, things will soon improve....??!!
Had both vet checked this morning. Nothing more serious than ear & skin mites & a small abdominal hernia on Archie, which may well disappear as he grows. Most importantly, their hearts are sound, so that's the main thing!
They are both sleeping at the moment, in their crate, having taken themselves off there after lunch - so that's a good sign.
Great weather here, so they've been romping around on the patio picking on each other & generally having fun!
Mel & I are very grateful for all the help & reassurance you and Denise have given us during the buying process & of course, many thanks for giving us this grand opportunity to bring up Archie & Freddie. I am sure you will not be disappointed with the results.
Please give our thanks to Denise for making the handover so comprehensive and professional.
All the very best to you both.

Hi Richard and Denise,
Just to let you know Fintan has settled in very well.
Two pictures of his first night in his new home, and three with his new brother playing tug of war with his rope toy.
They are getting on well and will be good friends.
Thank you both for everything and hope you had a good journey home.
When you have a moment would you please be able to let us have the pet plan number as we would like to extend for life.
Kind regards,
Anna & Paul Hennem

Dear Richard & Denise
Just thought I'd let you know that these 2 bad boys are doing well..... although I think I've aged 10yrs in the last month or so!!!!
Hope these 3 photos (taken yesterday) give you some idea of how the lads are fairing.
They are great company & appear to be content - growing fast with healthy appetites, responding to a bit of light training & generally having fun.
Freddie is currently snoring loudly in his basket, while his brother is lying quietly beside him.
We're looking forward to some good days out with them in the not too distant future.
Hope all is well with you both.
Best wishes
Laurence & Mel

Hi Richard & Denise
Just a few photo’s of Cooper, Denise you mentioned about calcium we fore got what it was you said, there is so much to take in, another question the minced beef can we freeze it, the fresh stuff dose not last long even in the fridge, i bet it is quieter there without the puppies, bet get the girls of to school hope you enjoy the photo’s.
Kind Regards
Tina & Shane 


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