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Hi Denise and Richard
It was lovely to meet you both. Roma struggled a little in the night but has been fine today. I was on my own with her so it was quiet and she has a large kitchen and patio to run around. She has been so good even going to the toilet in one place. Only a couple of accidents. She is very loving and seems to know me already following me about. She has been picking up little stones and eating them a bit and I have managed to get some out of her mouth but we will see how it goes. Its lovely that I can talk to you if I have any teething problems so thank you. I will send you some pictures soon and ring or e-mail if i need advice. The family have fallen in love with her and your puppy pack with advice has helped me so much. Hope you recover from your long journey.

Hi Denise and Richard
 Just thought I would drop a line on my little girl's first birthday. She has thoroughly enjoyed herself today with lots of new toys and treats (can't wait to see what she will be like at Christmas). She is such a lovely dog, wonderful companion and just so much fun whilst still such a lady. Everyone loves and adores her so much bringing so much joy to all who know her.
Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to have another gorgeous lady in our life.
 Kind regards and best wishes
Alison Mattis

hi denise and richard
hope you are both well, barny is 6 months now and what a stunning chap he is. where ever we take him people are saying how lovely he is and how big he is we met a couple today at a local country fair and there red boxer was 21 months and barny was as tall as him . oh and barny has got both his bits now the last on dropped at about 5 months. we have stopped all the nasty red marks under his eyes by giving him filterd water yep hes got his own britta water machine . will forward you some new pics of him. we have one problem we started with a lead and colar and whent to a harness and that helped but rubs him under the legs and wonderd what you could recomend as he does like to pull when out for walkies .
would you advise for or against having him done ??
best regards lee tina and barny....
PS second picture is barny standing on the little table looking out the door to the garden, he saw the cats do it so he now does it !! is there any chance you could put a picture on your web site if poss of barny, we are so proud of him and the fact that we got him from you and richard,
many thanks
lee tina and barny

Hi Denise and Richard:
Hope you both are ok.
As promised, and I must say that it's a little bit difficult to get Jai in a photo, however, after 200 shots... here you can see the little monster. We are so proud and happy with him. He's very very intelligent... and doesn't stop the whole day.
Kindest regards Fernando

Hi Richard & Denise
As promised a few pictures of Daisy settling in, she has since settled very well made herself at home and become daddies little angel.
We took her to out vet to say hello and apart from the fact they all fell in love with her they were really impressed with the detail from yourselves also her puppy pack, nice feedback always worth having.
Gill xx

Hi guys hope you are both well.
Just to keep you posted Daisy is doing very well and seems to have taken over our house very nicely, I can't remember the last time that I have laughed every day and it feels good. As you can imagine she is now fully inoculated and has been out ot meet her public several times she seems to thoroughly enjoy all the attention she gets just takes us twice as long as it used to when shopping.
No surprise to know she is still daddy's little princess doesn't matter that she has just been into his office and eaten one of his files !!!!
I have attached a couple of pictures for you.
Take care will stay in touch

Well, Denise and Richard,
She is just making herself right at home! We put her in her crate overnight and she is so good, just a little crying and she settles down, she also manages to hold herself till I let her out in the morning. Such a good girl. She sits, she lays down, she sleeps on the settee, and doesn't mind an indiscriminate wee when I am not looking!!!! She isn't eating all her meals, she's not too keen on tea and eats about half of it. I pop what she hasn't eaten into the fridge then get it out an hour before supper time so it's not cold on her tum. She is off to the vets on Wednesday as they Insist on a check up on every new pet registered.
I will be taking her to dog training and ring craft lessons. Watch this space, hopefully you can put 'Clyrocko Marnies Making Waves' on your website as another one of your successes.
Oh and I forgot, what did you tell me to do with her registration ? Do I have to do something before I show her?
Lots of love and best wishes from a very happy
Yvonne and Duncan


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