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Hi there, from all in Drayton.
We are pleased to hear that Richard is back home, and hope he takes things slowly, so that he makes a good recovery in time for Christmas. Dylan and Maisy have already made their lists for Santa, and we are all trying hard to be good, so he leaves us lots of presents. I went to have my foot checked at the vets, on Wednesday, he told me it was healing fine, that's a good thing, as we have to pay £11 just to. walk in his door. I am going to have a nice blanket from Rigsby to sleep with ,as you suggested, as I still get a bit lonely some nights, but getting better at sleeping. My crate is in the sitting room, next to the aquarium, now, so I can watch the fish swimming about to help me relax! We had to turn the music up nice and loud this week, so the fireworks didn't bother me.
This week, Rigsby and me got a new Kong, each, they often have something tasty inside, and we love them, see me enjoying mine in the photo. I also enjoy looking in the window to make sure all the chores are getting done, well someone has to make sure standards are maintained in this household.
Good news this week, we are now a mole free zone, as the mole catcher man caught a whopper , I kept a safe distance, as I didn't know what was occurring. Trevor said it was well worth the £25 to be rid of those molehills, but the man said I'll see you again, so there will probably be more molehills soon, I thought they were quite good fun anyway.

Hello Ireland, So pleased to hear from you, and know that you are home again Richard. I hope you take things easy for a while, so that you are full of energy to enjoy Christmas. Me and Rigsby and Dylan and Maisy are all trying hard to be very good, so that Santa brings us lots of presents.
Thankyou for the tips on helping me to sleep better, I am getting a comfort blanket from Rigsby, which I hope will help me. I get to sleep o.k. But wake up in the night feeling sad and lonely. My crate has been moved into the sitting room, by the aquarium, so I can relax watching the fish swim around. I went to let the vet check my poorly foot, he says it's doing fine, so everyone is pleased about that, as I. Have to pay £11 just to walk in the vets door (but I'm worth it )
Me and Rigsby have been having fun with our Kong toys, and my bedtime bunny rabbit has had to have a bath, because I took it out in the garden by mistake and got it muddy.
When Trevor gets his work timetable for the Spring , I am going on a little holiday, as I am such a good girl in the car. We are going to stay in a pub, that does special breakfast sausages for dogs, what do you think about that? Have I been on a holiday before, or been to a pub?
This week we had to turn the radio up really loud, so that the fireworks didn't bother me, but I hope that's all finished now. The cows were really noisy this week as some of the babies went away. I had to go to the bottom of our garden and bark to let them know I don't like all that noise.
Take good care of yourselves, Love Abbie , and all the Millers.

Hello to you all in Ireland.
Hope things are going O.K. With you.
Just thought I'd let you know that I am sleeping through the night fine and settling down well. When we go out to the fields I go free off the lead nowadays, but I don't go very far from Trevor and Jo, except when I play with Rigsby, and then we have a really good play together.
I am learning to get used to the noise around here, such as cows, traffic and of course the airport is nearby, so we get some noises, especially that helicopter, called the air ambulance.
Auntie Sue has a country cottage with a nice field to play in when I visit , so I like going there.See I'm being very good in the photo Jo took.
Best wishes to all , Love Abbie

Hello to all my friends in Ireland,
Thought I would let you know that I Am being good and sleeping through the night now. I have got a nice blanket from Rigsby and went to buy a new toy toy, so I have plenty to snuggle up to at night. I don't get left alone for more than an hour or so during the day, which is good. We have had lots of visitors , they all think I'm a very pretty girl. Rigsby isn't allowed to see me at present, as I'm in season. Will be going to see the vet in the new year.
Love to you all, Abbie, Trevor and Jo

Hello everyone, just had a nice walk on the field, and now relaxing with my new Birthday toys.
Best wishes to you from Abbie and the Miller family.

Hi Abbey,
Sorry to have not replied, but our computor is at the menders, been without it since the 13th december, so we hope to have it back soon,denise had to go to the library to check emails,
We send you belated happy birthday greetings from us all,but we can see you had lovely presents for your first birthday,you are so
we hope that you had a lovely walk and enjoyed opening all your birthday presents from your mum and dad.
we hope that you are now behaving yourself, you look like you have settled in really well with your new mum and dad,
Love to Trevor and Jo.
Love Nanny & grandad. xxx

HI Abbie,
We hope that you are all ok,
we are now up and running as the computor is finally fixed,I have done you 2 pages on the website today.
1 of all the picture's you have sent and another called Abbie's news from England.
hope you have time to look at them,Love to Jo and Trevor.
Love Nanny & Grandad. xx

Dear Richard and Denise,
It was great to hear from you. Thanks for putting the pictures and news on the website. How are you? Are you doing O.K. Richard, and what news of the dogs. We are all O.K. Trevor has started his job share, so has a bit of time for us girls. Abbie had a consultation at the vets today, and all was fine. She is booked in to be spayed next week, we have opted for keyhole surgery, as we feel it will be less stressful for her
.Do you have any opinions on this?
Bye for now, with kind regards to all, from Jo.

Hi Jo. Trevor and Abbie,
We are not to bad, bit tired as Wrap (abbie's mum) has a litter, they will be 3 wks old on sunday,
Richard has to go back to hospital on the 10th March, they need another look as he is having trouble again and pains in the kidney area, he also is off to cork on the 17th March, as the operation on the back does not seem to have worked, still in a lot of pain most of the day, and now its spread to his shoulder, so off to see the specialist again,
all the other dogs are good.Glad you like the bits on the website, its nice to have a few spare moments to be able to update things.
Keyhole surgery will be good, not so many stitches, and yes a lot more easy for abbie to get over, just make sure she leaves the stitches alone,
warmest regards
Richard & Denise. x

Morning all, Just to let you know that Abbie had her op 2 weeks ago,key hole surgery. It has been difficult to keep her quiet and rested, as the vets instructions, but I don't need to tell you both that. She is doing fine, and her fur is already growing back, as you will see.
We have been thinking of you and hope the hospital trips go O.K.
I hope Wrap and her babies are thriving, perhaps you can send some pictures when you get time.
With best wishes, Abbie, Jo &Trevor.

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