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Hi Richard and Denise.
I hope you both had a lovely holiday and are keeping well .
I thought i would give you time to settle back in anyway are you still in a possition to take Kanye ? i
m having my sinus surgery on the 10th October , but if you cant take him before that its ok because it is my hip replacement surgery im more concerned about .
I cant have him jumping at me and he still likes sitting on my knee lol hes like a big baby hes bigger than me . Hes a very good dog he dose everything you tell him to do hes quite obedient for a pup but he just loves running and jumping we love him dearly im very sad about him going hes such a lovable dog and makes me laugh every day at the things he does.
So enough about me babbling on about Kanye. I really cant thank you enough for hopefully you doing this for us . so if you could let me no how and when suits you to meet and to organise finances for keeping kanye i would be grateful to hear from you .
Kindest Regards Bernie

Hi Richard and Denise
Thank you so much for your lovely reply what can i say you are wonderful people so kind ,Its so upsetting that we have to send Kanye away for a while but knowing hes going to you is so comforting i no he will have a great time .
We will make sure he has plenty of supplies .I was onto the hospital today trying to pin point an exact date for my op so there going to to ring me back this week i no it wont be happening in the next 4 weeks so i will let you no as soon as i find out we will work around the dates that suit you both.
Once again thank you both for making this process not as stressful as it could have been.
Kindest Regards Bernie

Good Morning Denise & Richard
Hope you are both well, including all the Dogs. Voddie is in fine fettle. She is enjoying the cooler sunny weather.
I just want to ask for some advice or historical data please about Voddie or her mother.
Since Voddie was spaded, she has slightly become incontinent (wee’s) occasionally, and unbeknown to her leaves slight wet patches, nothing major. The vet said this is a known issue with female dogs after such a procedure and prescribed a hormone treatment plus propalin; an inhibitor. Though taking these have placated the issue it has not eradicated it, and we are not too keen her taking hormone drugs. The vet assumes her bladder could be pressed upon and needs to be seen by a specialist to confirm either way.
We have commissioned one as recommended, but if the investigation reveals such a scenario, it can only mean surgery, again which we are not too keen on.

Hi folks!
How are you keeping? I hope your keeping well.
Just wanted to let you know how Bruno is getting on over the past few months.
He is doing absolutely brilliant! He is getting out every single day. Weather that's for a jog with me or else for a big run off the lead in the local puppy park where he has plenty of friends or else we throw the tennis ball or his Frisbee. He has his evening routine of sitting up on the couch with us at night and snuggling up with us or in the morning times when I get up he curls up on my lap on the couch for his morning snooze after his food.
He has such a lovely temperament! Full of joy and love all day everyday and he does everything we ask of him. Doesn't bark or snap at other dogs and doesn't get involved in any alternations with other dogs. He's just happy enough to chase his toys and get lots of petting and treats.
We have only had 3 accidents in the house since we got him which is brilliant! Won't be long now before we have him out of the crate and into his own bed.
Anyway I just wanted to send you a photo of him before we went out for a trip in the car across to my parents house (every time we go there he is itching to get in to say hello!)
Hope all is well and we all say hello!
Adrian. Laura. Bella and Bruno.

Thanks for the prompt reply. It's reassuring that all your other boxers have not suffered from this.
I think we shall at least find out what the issue could be and then discuss any recourse.
I will keep you informed.

Hi guys
Hope ye are well and finally getting a rest lol
Just wondering which of the husse adult feeds ye use?

That's what I got
Really nice guys down in husse, mentioned you guys so you should get a discount for bringing in sales lol
That'll be nice for a change probably more pressure though
Enjoy the show and the beverages ;-)
King regards

Hi guys
Hope this email finds you all well and well rested,
Toby is coming on great, his head is changing and looking more like maguire with an expression to die for lol
Just looking for an opinion if I can,
Maybe next year or early the year after we may look for a bitch as company for his lordship and possibly to show as a hobby,
Knowing the planning put into litters and the time people leave between litters would ye have something planned or recommend a fellow breeder with similar lines of European and UK stock that would be suitable,
Maybe even with your permission we could take a litter from Toby before he gets to long in the tooth lol and assuming he is suitable to breed from,
Something for a while away yet but would be interested in your thoughts
Kind regards

Ah he,ll always be your boy lol
Great, sure as I said no rush :-)
I sent a couple of his lordship enjoying the evening sun probably nit the best as he is scrunched up in the corner making him look fat lol
He's very athletic a good 25 inches tall an putting some nice tone on so we are thrilled with him

Hi Richard and Denise
Hope ye are both well and the dogs are behaving themselves 😀
Quick one for you if I can
Toby has been limping very occasionally on one of his rear legs only happens after he has had a bit of off lease play which is limited until he's older but he does get a few minutes to run in the back garden every second day or so being aware his joints are still growing
It's happened a few times and seems to be his elbow he's fine walking on leash and around the house just if he turns or is on rough grass
I was thinking it was connected to growing but just curious of your thoughts
I'll get him to the vet if needed and hoping it's nothing serious
Kind regards

Hi Denise
Thanks for that, I'll try the cage rest for a while and see how he goes though it'll be tough lol
Hopefully Richard will be feeling better soon and able to enjoy the festivities,
Have a happy and peaceful Christmas and mind one another
John n Nicola

Hi Richard and Denise
The time has come ive tried every way of trying to hold on to Kanye but ive been in hospital the past week with heart and Kidney failure .
I dont no if im going to recover from this and will be able to get my hips replaced. I realised while i was in hospital that James isnt very good at taking care of Kanye ,
im so upset as i love that dog but he needs to go on long walks or be able to run around a big garden or field. I was wondering would you no of anyone who would be able to adopt Kanye he needs a family that have a lot of time and energy for him .or we could still go with you fostering him .
things might be differen if i get better. i dont want to rehouse him myself .any way thankyou both for listening to me .im heart broken over him look forward to hearing from you
Kind Regards Bernie

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