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Dear Richard and Denise
It is with great regret and sorrow i have to write you this letter ,Im looking for advice .
Since we bought Kanye from you he has been the joy of our life hes smart inteligent house trained and obeys so many commands. The funniest dog the best personality ive ever seen in a boxer ,as you know i had a boxer for13 years till she died so its not like i dont know the breed .
But getting to the point myself and james are devastated we cant keep him . my health has took a major turn for the worst .which leaves me bed ridden four days a week .
My son james works every night oft he week doing nightclub photography .which means he sleeps a lot during the day .
As for me im waiting for 2 major operations i cant go into hospital knowing kanye wont be looked after the way he deserves .
when we bought him i was in good health and on the mend . but took a major relapse and its a possibillity im looking at having sinus cancer also waiting for my 5th hip replacement .is there anything you can do or help us even to foster him out for 6 months till i get well again .
myself and james are devastated we cry everytime we look at him its not his fault ,i would love to see him on a farm runing wild playing with other dogs hes such a playful dog and great fun. a
nyway sorry for rabbiting on but would love you to advise on what to do ,
im not going to give him away as i feel he will be passed on and on .
so please Richard and Denise we would so appreciate your guidence with our beautiful gorgeous kanye ( white boxer)
Kindest Regards Bernie and James

Dear Richard and Denise
Im crying as i have just read your very kind and comforting email, what can i say but thankyou so much for your kind offer to foster Kanye .
This make the whole process of not having to give Kanye up for good we couldnt bare the thoughts of that we love him so much .James will be over the moon .I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Im going for sinus surgery at the end of August and hopefully they will be able to clear this problem as its causing me to have infection in my blood, which is preventing my from having my hip replacement .so im am down to get my hip done asap and please God i can get back to normal and start living again .I
m so sorry to hear that Richard has been through so much but thank God he fought it and won .It gives me great encouragement to keep fighting .
anyway Denise thankyou again for peace of mind we would be so

Hi guys
Hope you are all well,
Could I bother ye with a question ❓
Toby has been passing loose stools for a few days now with occasional small drops of watery blood and stool,
He's not eating great due to teething and is weighing 19.6 kgs so he is growing
Just this morning he passed a large chicken wing bone whole followed by a bit of blood,
He's not in pain and acting normal just wondering should we stop with the chicken wings just in case one does more damage?

Give him our best Denise
Thanks for that, I'll put him on brown rice and chicken until things get back to normal,
I'm sure he's fine as he's running around the kitchen with a rug in his mouth lol
Take care

Hi Denise and Richard
Sorry to hear Richard was in hospital i hope hes ok .Im going in to hospital on the 29th august but as far as i no i will be only in there for a day for my pre assessment for the big surgery .
so i should be given a date then it will probebly be 2 or 3 weeks after that. but we can work around you and Richard to see when we could meet up to give you Kanye .I still cant get over what an incredable couple you both are and cant thank you enough .I will be in touch after my pre op.
Thankyou again Kindest Regards Bernie and James.

Hi Denise
Just an update on Toby, had him at vets Saturday, on antibiotics for the next week and chicken and rice,
Poor fella is fading away
Have you any tips for putting weight back on when he is better?
He looks like a 4 month old now poor chap
Hope ye are all well and Richard is managing the crutches :-)

Vet not really sure, bit of a combination of things really, his stool was soft for a week and he was wormed the same week along with what the vet thinks was a bad bit of raw chicken wing slowed digestion causing the bones not to be digested properly leading to tearing and bleeding internally and further infection
Hard to know really
The joys of it eh
Will certainly do that with the lamb
Thanks again

Hi folks!
How are you all keeping?
We just wanted to ask you a question regarding neutering.
We have heard there a lot of health benefits from neutering a dog and that it helps reduce the chances of cancer in a dog. However I don't want to go browsing the Internet and getting false information so instead I decided to ask the professionals.
Can you advise us what is best for Bruno? His health is the most important thing to us and to him.
Bruno is in absolute flying form. He hasn't had any accidents in the house for over 4 weeks now and yesterday I got him a huge big leather bed with a duvet inside it so he has a Kings bed now! Haha!
Here is a picture of him from during the week before we went to the puppy park.
Adrian, laura , Bella & Bruno

Hi folks!
Many thanks for the quick response.
Myself and laura had a good talk about what is best to do and we have come up with the following....
We aren't going to get Bruno neutered because we want him to be the way he is, God created absolutely perfect so we aren't going to change him.
We would however love to make him a daddy someday! Laura and Bella seem to have there heart set on that idea but I'm trying to explain to them it doesn't quite work the same way as humans! Haha!
Bruno has surprised us again this week and after all out persistent training he is now giving us the paw!
Also I have noticed in the morning times his eyes are very "gewy" with sleep, now is gew isn't green or yellow but it's a clear thick colour, this wouldn't be an eye infection of any sort would it?
Sorry about all the questions
Adrian,laura,bella & Bruno.

Hi guys
Hope this finds you well,
Just a quick one for you,
I have Toby on husse Valp maxi which he loves and is thriving on,
The rep from husse recommended I put him on adult food from now to slow down the growth and help protect the joints
What's your view guys
Should I keep him on the puppy food till year old?

Hi guys
Yep it was Patrick, I did mention he was yours I'll be down at their warehouse Friday to collect a bag of adult to mix with the half bag of puppy left so I'll pass on your regards,
Yes it is a pity but they have knocked a few bob off and throw the odd free treat in, he's at me to wear husse products if we run Toby in agility so that could be handy,
All the best in Dublin,
Will be keeping fingers crossed for ye
John and Nicola

Thanks for the prompt reply. It's reassuring that all your other boxers have not suffered from this.
I think we shall at least find out what the issue could be and then discuss any recourse.
I will keep you informed.

Hi guys
Hope ye are well and finally getting a rest lol
Just wondering which of the husse adult feeds ye use?

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