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Hi Richard & Denise
Just to let you know that the Certificate arrived yesterday - thank you!
I also took Morgan to the vets last night - he confirmed that there wasn’t an infection in her eyes and that he didn’t think it was an allergy either - he suspects that its dust/grit that has got into her eyes (one of the downsides with having dry weather) - he put some drops in last night and they are looking better already so I’ll carry on with the drops for a few days more.
Best regards

Hi guys
Glad the weather is good,helps with the dogs being able to get out and about,
Perfect I'll finish the tin I have so,
He's 12 weeks this week so I'll send on some photos so you can see his progress
All the best

I'm not great at stacking but you'll get an idea how well he's growing
I'll get some more asap

Hi Richard
I'll try that,
In fairness we haven't been stacking him so he's rusty lol
He has his sit stay come and down off to a tee though
Very intelligent and willing pup to learn going through a biting mouthy stage but that's on the wane
Mum looks amazing considering what she's just been through, great condition
Kind regards

Morning Denise & Richard
Hope we find you both in good health. You must be busy with all the exhibitions and showcases, they must be in full swing by now. Anymore winners?
Vodds is doing very well, though she finds the warm weather uncomfortable. We try to keep her cool and ventilated all the time as much as we can. Her walks are always near a water stream so she can have a dip, but she seldom does, but drinks from it, even though we courier a 2 litre bottle of fresh water for her. She is still good looking as ever. We had a week off recently where she spent the entire time with Tracey & I, she enjoyed that.
She has even got use to the cat now and ignores him most of the time until she gets bored and then chases him ! She is so much a very nice companion, we like her very much.
Hope Richard’s is responding well to treatment and is on the road to being robust again. And you yourself is still in good health.
Hope you have a nice Dog Show season with lots of winners and prizes. Have a nice summer.
Voddie x, PJ & Tracey

Hi Denise!
Many many thanks for today. We greatly appreciate your time today. We had such a great time meeting Billy and McGuire.....laura and Bella have fallen in love with Billy.
I'm just emailing you as requested to confirm the €50 deposit.
You are in kilkenny on Saturday next weekend, are you there on Sunday aswell?
We will arrange collection over the next few days. It will be this weekend or next at the very latest.
Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
Adrian, laura, Bella.

Hi folks!
How are you keeping? Well yesterday was such a joyful day for all of us. Bruno was excellent in the back of the car with laura and even had a little snooze. When we got home we collected Bella and himself and Bella were inseparable. Bella was a little bit nervous but we just have to her confidence but she is learning aswell. We brought Bruno out for a little slow 20min stroll and he seemed pretty tired. We have played fetch with him for ages yesterday and out of throwing the ball 100 times he brought to back every single time! He is brilliant! We had a few accidents in the house but that is to be expected with him adapting to a new environment. We had 1 poo in the house yesterday and about 3 pees and 2 pees out the back to which we gave him heaps of praise and a little threat. So far today we had 2 pees in the house and 1 out the back and 1 poo in the back and 1 in the house. Lastnight as we were watching TV Bruno was asleep beside me on the floor and I spent the entire length of the movie rubbing his belly as he was snoring away. Before bed I woke him and brought him out the back to go the toilet and then I put him to bed. He slept very comfortably lastnight also.
Two questions:
1) does that sound like we are doing the right thing with the toilet training? Bring him out the back and stay in the garden with him until he goes the toilet.

2) how long should his walks be? 3 x 20min walks a day?
Hope you have a great day yesterday and sorry we couldn't hang around a bit longer as we had to rush back to collect Bella and we barely slept Saturday night as we were too excited!!
Adrian, Laura, Bella & Bruno

Hi Richard and Denise!
Well Bruno had a great day today. We brought him out for a little 15min slow walk today and we played a good few games with him today. He is now starting to sit for us when we ask.....he's now even starting to show off and just coming over to show us "look at me I can sit!" Lol! But he is an absolute joy I must say.
Of course he is missing you guys....any dog would! He did 3 poo out the back today and I highly praised him and rewarded him each time as well as the numerous wees. Patience and persistence are key in the toilet training?
As of next week I was going to introduce a half tin of tuna into his meals of 75g of puppy plan food, would this be ok as it will increase his protein and also has good omega fish oils in the tuna?
Denise it is no problem at all that we didn't get to see you as Richard told us you were busy. I hope you don't mind that we didn't get to see you? Delighted to hear about your success yesterday!! And don't worry we will give Bruno a huge big hug and loads of cuddles for you!
Thanks so much for keeping in touch with us and we will be sure to send you on some photos of Bruno in the coming weeks to show you how he getting on.
Adrian, Laura,Bella & Bruno.

Hi Richard
just a line to let you know that Jackson is doing very well and has settled in now in his knew home.
Hope you are all well.
Regards Michael

Hi there Richard & Denise -
Just dropping you a quick mail to ask if you know of or could recommend a trainer for our boxer (Jessie).
You had previously mentioned a person in Cork whom you thought was quite good, and we would have no problem traveling there to get the best person to train her.
All is going very well here - she has a very sweet temperament and we are very happy with her.
Hope all is going well with you two.

Hi Richard and Denise
everything ok at our side and your side things going good I hope.
we were thinking about getting another boxer and thought you might be able to help with this,
we would like to get a bitch but must be not related to Jackson, is it possible that you might have same with the same colour as Jackson.
I hope you can help we do not mind waiting if you are breeding.
Regards Michael

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