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Hi Denise
Yes, Morgan is doing fine. She was a little sick on the journey back, but recovered quickly and was eating a little later.
She is eating well (although not the quantities in your notes) she is leaving the food dish when she has had enough, and I expect that the quantities will increase as the weeks go on.
She's playing and sleeping well, she is very relaxed and takes notice of everything. She's a very loving girl.
We have tiled floors and she was a little like Bambi on the ice at first but she has found her legs a little better now.
We both think that she's a gorgeous girl and are looking forwards to seeing her progress.
Hope that all is well with Richard.
Best regards

Hi Richard
Just a photo of his first night
Smashing pup full of confidence, we feel very lucky to have him,
All the very best
John and Nicola

Hi guys
Well done in swords :-)
If I could just ask a small question?
In your experience and knowing all pups are different what roughly would you be expecting in growth rate,
Roughly at what weight would he be expected to be at different points
Just so I know he's on track and eating enough etc
John n Nicola

He's settled in beautifully, never seen such a confident well adjusted pup, I know he is going to be a special dog for us,
It's probably an impossible question to answer and it's only because we want him to reach his potential and give him the best :-)
Hope you are both well and Denise isn't missing the pups too much
Kind regards

Hey Richard and Denise
Yes it went well. Our boy was a bit heavy pawed with excitement at the start lol but he is calming down by the day.
He thought Gus was a toy lol.
Gus didn't make a sound Friday or Saturday night but Sunday and last night naughty Gus came out!!
We had one hour sleep with his moaning on Sunday!! But are sticking him out!!
He is a fiesty wee pup we thought he was going to put our boy in his place lol but He is back in control now! We will keep you updated.
Love to you both xxxx

Hi guys
Hope all are well
Just picking your brains (sorry if I'm a nuscience)
Tobys left left looks to be bowing, he has a slight limp on it and when he's sitting or standing it's like the knuckle or growth plate pops over the foot, hard to explain, it's only one leg, he's not going up stairs etc and it's not painful, both legs are perfectly straight when lying down, should we be worried or will it grow out?
I'll try send a photo
Kind regards
John and Nicola

Hi Richard and Denise
Toby had his shots this morning and vet didn't think much to worry about re leg, said to not allow free running or any climbing etc
Leg looks much improved today and longer lol
Thanks for advice
God bless

Thanks Richard appreciate it,
And on another note very happy to hear your good news, well done on what wasn't an easy time, delighted for you both, I hope you can celebrate tonight

Thanks Denise kids loved the new baby!
Gus doing well with our boy going let the two of them sleep in kitchen tonight.
They lie in the same bed all time now anyway.
The wee rascal had to get them two teeth removed by vet. He'll not like the vets for life now lol.
Did Richard get his test results.
Hope all went well xx

Hi Richard/ Denise,
Tank is getting on great. Bundle of energy.
Almost have him toilet trained to go outside so going well.
The kids love him and he loves playing with them.

Hi Richard & Denise
Thanks for letting me know.
Morgan is doing well, she made a big impression in the vets last week, everyone wanted a cuddle/stroke.
I'm not sure if she has a little allergy at the moment, I've had to wipe her eyes a few times a day over the past couple of days (it doesn't look like an infection as there's no redness) and at certain times of the day when she's asleep she sounds a little raspy when breathing. I'm not overly concerned at the moment and I'm trying to see if there's a pattern (if it's when she's been in a certain part of the garden, etc. prior to it happening). Shes asleep on my lap now and she is breathing just fine, so I will continue to monitor it.
I mentioned to Denise when I picked her up that I was interested to see if some of the things that my previous boxer girl did was a boxer trait or just her characteristics ...... Morgan is doing some of these things already and it's quite funny that she's sits (well leans) in exactly the same place against the garage wall ..... Makes me smile several times a day.
Hope that Richard is doing well.

I was leaning more towards a pollen type allergy, although she's not sneezing, but it could be that she's come across something as been out discovering more parts of the garden in the last few days.
Glad that Richards been given the all clear.
I will take a look at Facebook, I have an account but don't really post anything.

That is great. Thanks very much.
She is settling very well and is already very much loved and totally spoilt.
Jim O'Sullivan.

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