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Hi Richard & Denise,

So last week was very eventful, I had to take Daisy to the vets on Monday as her stomach was very swollen and the vet confirmed she still had worms, so he put her on a worming solution. Then on Friday she had blood and diarrhea, and very dark stools so had to take her to the vets again. She had infections in her small and large intestines, so got two injections and an oral syringe, poor wee thing was crying. So gave her the anti-biotics over the weekend and the oral syringe and she seems much improved. She's great fun, very outgoing wee pup. The other thing the vet noticed, which I kind of observed myself was her front legs don't seem to be developing as normal, it's like she's going bandy-legged. I've put her on calcium and hopefully it's something that will work itself out in time, fingers crossed.
Hope Richard is well.
Kind Regards,

Hi Grandpa and Grandma,
As it was my 4th birthday on the 1st December I thought I would send you two photographs of me taken by Dad recently. Mum and Dad have now retired so I am having a wonderful life with lots of long walks and holidays in the caravan.
Love to you both and thank you for bringing me into this world.
Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Just to let you know, Lotti is thriving. She is very happy in her environment and much loved by all in the family (except maybe the cats). She is a good girl keeping us all entertained. Her social skills are great, thanks to you. She loves human and other dog contact.
We are currently trying to master getting her house trained where she does her business outside but haven't quite succeeded in that front yet. Any tips are always useful.
I will send you some photos in the next couple of days.
Thanks for breeding such a lovely boxer,
Seb. Stevenson

Wishing you both a peaceful & merry Christmas. Voddie X

We wish you both every happiness at Christmas and Good Health for the coming year. Abbie has been a very good girl, so Santa brought her 2 sacks of Happidog and some new toys.
Her photo was chosen for the Norfolk Boxer Rescue Calender this year, it was the photo taken on holiday last year of her on the boat on Lake Windermere.
This year she has been to Devon and Cornwall in the Spring, Dorset in June and to Southwold for a week in October, when the weather was lovely so had lots of walks by the sea. She is a very happy girl and has lots of human and doggy friends. Will be spending Christmas Day with her mate Rigsby and family.
sending you best wishes,
from Abbie, Trevor, Jo and the Miller family.

Dear Richard & Denise,
The three of us are spending Christmas Day at home - the family will be elsewhere so we thought It is a good time to let you have an update on the Allens.
We have had Kerry for over a year now and we are delighted with her - she does not leave Audrey's side which is the reverse when she was with Richard
she is still very nervous and jumps at every noise but other than that she is a lovely lady and part of the family.
How is Riichard has he recovered from the problems he was having when we last made contact.
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Robert & Audrey & Kerry

So sorry to hear that Richard has not been well. I hope he makes a quick recovery.
I have attached some photos of Lotti on Christmas day.
I will send better ones when I get the chance.
Thanks for the tips.
A very happy Christmas and new year to you both and also to the dogs.

Hope you are both well.
First day of Spring, well according to the Met Office that is, does not look like it or feel like it outside. Winter has been wet & muddy here and recently cold. Poor Vodds had to endure it as well as we, but least we kept her dry and warm when being out. Tracey even bought a flask to carry hot water so we can clean her paws & legs with nice warm water before she enters the car. She likes hot water. How has winter been like in Ireland, I understand some southern parts endured flooding as did some northern parts here.
We ‘ve taken Vodds to the coast a couple of times recently. She likes prancing in the sand and playing with other dogs, but does not like sea water, she retreats when the waves approach her. It so nice to see here reaction, puts a smile on our faces. When the weather gets better, planning a costal holiday for her soon, but the long range forecast is not bringing in any warmth at the moment so will wait a
Voddie sends her regards. She is doing very well, she constantly brings us great warmth, comfort and friendship and we reciprocate in kind plus with treats added. She is truly part of our family, she evens abides the Cat, well most of the time anyway.
Must be coming up to your new show season, how are the new and old puppies doing, got any outstanding stars like Vodds or do they all shine ?
Hope you are keeping well, and hope to hear from you soon. Take care.
Voddiex, pj & Tracey

See attached photos of Lotti taken in the last couple of days.
She is adorable although a bit of a rogue. She ate our dinner today, now that she can stretch up onto the table.
The cats are still the bosses in the house inspite of Lotti's efforts.
Anyway, all is going well with her.
Thanks for being such good breeders.
Hope all is well with you both.

Hi Richard this amy we bought Bruno off you just sending on a few pics of him over the past few weeks he settled in brilliant he is a great little boy very hyper he is a joy to have he is very clever he was potty trained in 2 weeks loves going for walks going round to the park and playing. He is very good with our niece she loves him.
Kind regards,

Hi Richard Keith Teeling here the guy who bought Bruno from u just wondering if u got the few photos my sister sent u of bruno.

Ok hopes he ok I'm thinking of getting another dog in the next few weeks to keep Bruno company I want another boxer but don't think my mother will allo was it but if she does I'd lik ed one of u gain

Morning Denise
Thanks for the reply. I hope Richard is settling back at home and feeling much better. Also hope you weren’t left alone for too long and had some company.
Voddie looks virtually the same the first day we saw her, she is aging gracefully and looks beautiful as ever. I suppose you can tell I’m very fond of her. She’ll get a Mother’s Days treat as well. I attach a recent picture of her running, not her usual gracious pose but still very nice.
Would you be kind enough to send pictures of Wrap and Inya please, I would love to see them.
Give Richard our best regards, and take care yourself.
Best Regards
Voddie, PJ & Tracey.

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