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Hi guys
Nice to hear from you. Yeah you have been busy and succesful... Well Done your dogs are flying!!!! are they from Bailys Litter??? Bailey is getting big and Bold...Hyper active and so funny at times... she loves playing with all the dogs and goes nuts running after them... everybody is amaze with her markings and how friendly she is (too friendly for my liking).. she is doing great, I've attached a couple of photos for you.
So yeah, Id love to do some show ring training and show her some day to see what happens, as Id like to mate her eventually , which might help with the litter... The kids are going to Spain in two weeks for the whole summer so I will have more time over the summer. Im usually off Monday and Tuesday so I was thinking we could do two hours a week in one day (on Mondays or on Tuesdays) from the 8th of july... what do you think?? is two hours in one day too much or too little.. I dont know, just let me know what is best so we can start on the 8th of July.
Well done on your success and looking forward hearing form you
regards Migual

Ill get back to you the first week in July to arrange a time for the following week...looking forward
regards Migual

Hi Dennise and Richard hope you are both well and all the doggies as well thought I'd send u a pic of April all grown up and still full of beans lol she's a beauty and is an amazing girl thank you she was worth the drive to Birmingham .
all the best sue and Pete xx

He is not as big as he looks in the first two pics. Lesley Xxxx

Henry on his Holidays, having his afternoon nap outside caravan. Lesley Xx

Hi there! I adopted my sweet Abigail from you two years ago now and wanted to give you an update on our girl! We have moved back to the States and she loves it. We moved to the Mississippi gulf coast and she gets to play on the beach on the weekends. We adopted a Boston Terrier for a companion and they play like puppies all day long!
Abigail has grown into a beautiful girl and is the best addition we could have asked for. I hope all is well with you and your doggies!
Best wishes,
Katrina Smith and family

Hi Richard and Denise. Henry had a great month in Norfolk with us in our caravan. Off to Cornwall in a couple of weeks. Hope you are well. Have you had any trouble getting Dr clauders as Danny does not do it any more. Well his wife told Dave he had left and she was not dealing with it.
Lesley Xx

Hi there, hope you and your doggies are fine, just a little update from my babies, Amber and Cassie,
we have recently moved house, we now have a much bigger garden to run around in, and go on nicer walks in the country and down to the beach, we had to move cause our mummy isn't well she's got C.F.S,. And gets tired very easy, but we have a much better life here, only one problem we hope you can help us with, one of us (Amber) has to go in the vets and have our gums cut away, there growing over my teeth and I can't eat properly and they keep bleeding, the thing is the vets use ACE, they say it's only a very small amount but our mummy is still very worried, we've been told this is dangerous for us, have you ever had any problems with this, here's a couple of pictures of me and my little sister.
with love Amber & Cassie xxxxxx

Henry took a liking to her on our holiday in Cornwall. She was lovely . He is doing well. Too excited with other dogs. I hope you are ok. LesleyXx

Hi Richard/Denise
Hope you two are well.
Attached picture of Voddie. She is doing very well and as seen she looks wonderful.
She has settled in very well and we cannot say enough how much we like her.
She be going on a short break with us to the Dorset Coast soon as well.
Take Care

We try our best to get a full profile photo of her, so you both can see her in her elegant stance, but gosh, will she stand still, nope. So the best we can do at the moment is to take sneek pictures.
Hope the weather stays good when she goes on her hols,
it’s been delightful September so far here. Hope you are enjoying the good warm weather also.
Would it possible to send some photo’s of the new pups please ? Also, when we came first time to your home, are those pups still with you ?

Thanks for the photographs, the new additions look so nice. How is their mum Kerry doing, hope she has recovered from labour ?
We are doing well thank you & Voddie also. She is certainly a very good girl, we are so pleased she is with us. She loves running around in open spaces and playing with other dogs. She ignores little dogs who bark for the sake of barking, but she never barks back, so good. We tend to bypass them and their owners. We know which dogs she prefers to play with.
Hope you two are well also.
Take care.
Voddiex + pj

Hello Denise/Richard
Just a quick note to say hope all test results for Richard prove negative and tests at the hospital find nothing also. Hope all is well and enjoy watching the puppies grow up to be nice as Voddie.
best regards
Voddie x + pj

Hi . Richard denise, just to to let you know Deen is very happy and settled in to his new environment.
He is enjoying his walks my daughter takes him out every lunchtime monday tuesdaywednesday. I take him out every morning evening night. He sleeps in cage in daytime with spaniel and sleeps upstairs with us at night. Let him off lead this weekend he was absolutely fine he is lovely. We will send pictures this weekend. Kind regards andy. Karen. Elliot

Hi Richard and Denise
So lovely to hear from you Elsa is doing very well settled from day one
She loves the grandchildren . We have tried to change her food as she has been so windy without success she went off her food so back to Clauders will have to put up with the wind
We know boxers do suffer with wind but this is a bit to much
We have had her spayed all went well she had her first holiday she loved the beach she loves all other dogs wonderful nature and now walking better on the lead will try to attach photo,s if not will send later as not quite sure of how to do it my daughter will call later if unsuccessful myself
Talk soon Sharon Lyon

Have a lovely Christmas. From Lesley, Dave & Henry Xxx

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