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Thanku we love her so much :) Amanda xxx

Hi Richard & Denise,
We just wanted to send a quick email to say thankyou for Bentley, he is settling in perfectly and eating like a horse lol!! He is such a loving and happy boy, he truly is a pleasure to have. He sleeps quietly through the night in his crate and even sits by the back door when he needs the toilet.
It was lovely to meet you both, and hope the rest of your journey went to plan.
Here are a couple of pictures of Bentley, he seems to have grown so much already!!
We will be in touch again soon with more pictures that you can hopefully put on your website as he is so perfect!!
Thanks again, kind regards
Andy, Amy & Bentley

Hi Richard and Denise all going well. He is having a nap picture above. I had to go to work Friday afternoon and on Saturday, Henry was well behaved for Dave. He is being thoroughly spoilt with lots of toys, thank you again for such a lovely boy. Xxx

Hello again, I just wanted to update you on how Jess is doing. Well besides the sharp teeth lol she is
everything we could of wanted, she has so much character - everyone loves her.
We have her in a routine now and as long as her comfy blankets are ready to curl up in she is happy
to go to bed at night. We all love her and she is treated like any newborn should be treated and spoilt with
lots of love. just wanted to ask a question! The Dr.Clauders dog food which we ordered - well he sent us
Junior - Large/Giant. Would this be correct?
Just one more question - I don't suppose you have the food weight / age ratio for this as the bag information starts at 32.5kg for 3-4 months old and says 365 grams (way to much weight/food).
She is on 75 grams per feeding time at the moment - I don't want to be under feeding her for this particular food (information on weights is different on other dog foods so I thought the best person to ask would be yourself).
Thank you very much for letting us have Jess join our family
Many thanks to you both for bringing Jess into our lives.
Craig & Anna.
(I will send some pics when they are uploaded to my PC.)

Hi Richard,Denise
Hope you are well. Voddie is fine, here she is relaxing after a hard days playing and eating !
January and Feb so far has been cold, but quite sunny here, so every time she went out she had a nice coat on to keep her warm.
Hope all good your side. Take care and write soon.
Voddie x. PJ & Tracey

Hi Denise/Richard
Hope all is well. Not heard from since last correspondence, hope this is because you are busy for another season of shows. Voddie is well and looks pristine as ever. She is enjoying the longer days, I usually finish early Fridays now and take for a nice walk late afternoon so she has a long weekend with us.
Look forward to hearing from.
Take care.
Voddie, pj + Tracey

Nice to hear from you both. Happy to hear your Boxers continue to be successful, testimony to how well they are bought up and looked after, Voddie being prime example.
If you do come to Bath let us know and we will endeavour to bring Voddie to meet you.
We’ve had the odd day or 2 which has been sunny and pleasant but on the whole is it is still quite cold here, but at least the days are longer.
Hope all goes well with Richard’s scan
Take care & chat soon.

Hi Richard and Denise, Henry is doing well. He loves his food, Really likes going out and looks very smart in his new collar and lead. We are both really happy to have him. He is very bright and full of confidence. Thank you again
Lesley xx

Just letting you know she doing really really well . Loving her walks loves to play football with her dad and brother :))
Regards Amanda and graham

Hi Richard and Denise, all is well with Henry, he is clean now indoors just the odd wee at the back door if we are too slow. I just wanted some advice about when he can use stairs. There is a lot of different views out there which were not around 15 years ago. I don't intend to let him bound up and down them just sedately on the lead my sons house is a town house with stairs everywhere even down to the garden. We have been carrying him up and down, but he will soon be too heavy. How are you both now? Recovered from the puppies. There must have been so many poos to clear up Henry does enough on his own. We are enjoying him immensely. Dave is spoiling him too much. I spend all week teaching him things and Dave can undo it all in the two days I am at work. lol. Keep well. Xxxxxx

Thank you, he is physically ok with the stairs very confident really. It was just all the articles I have read were saying it can harm their joints and hips for later life, I am sure Ben and Sam used the stairs at a young age and if I keep it minimal hopefully should be ok. Lesley Xx

thankyou for the IKC registration,
Jess is amazing she has become a adored member of our lives and she is pampered by our youngest daughter.She is on dr clauders food and is growing steadily, all jabs and worming is upto date and bless her she is going to the toilet outside no little accidents in the house :). thanks to Kira (my white boxer baby) Jess likes her lead, we still have training to do with walking as she wants to pull or suddenly try to dart off but we are working on it.
Here are a couple of pics of her, Craig has a lot more on his iPad but he is at an appointment right now.
as you can see she took over my wash basket when she arrived so I let her use it as a bed in the
living room, cute little baby xxx

This is Kira, just turned 9 on the 14/05 and she is my best friend. Jess has breathed life into Kira as she became depressed after our beloved jet had passed away. Kira has never had a litter of her own and Jess has become her baby, it's amazing to see the change in her since Jess arrived, thankyou for giving us our new pup Craig & Anna xxxx

hi Richard/Denise
How are you ? I got the IKC registration on the post last week, Thank you very much. However, the ownership of Bailey shows under your name..???? what do I need to change the ownership....???
She is doing great... way too friendly... she jumps and goes with everybody that passes... she is getting big and very strong... cant wait for her to get bigger and bringing her with me for long walks and runs to calm her down.. she is too hyperactive ,very funny and so loving. I sent some photos to Richard through facebook...did you get them? i will send more through face book as it is easy through my phone....
We got a Dog trainer from Lixnaw , Karen (that knows you), to give us a some training tips (comands, sit, walk, etc...) and guidelines which helped us big time. I'd like to also enter Bailey in some competition just to see how she gets on and if she is show material. Karen mention some lady in Castleisland who does Show training... Do you know her??? do you do show training yourselves??? I believe there is Breed Show competition on the 7th June?? are you going??? Would you like to show Bailey???
Hope everything is going well with you
Looking forwrd hearing from you

Hi Richard/ Denise
Thank You very much for your email. I only read the back of the IKC registration form this morning, I filled it out and Ill send it. Id like to get some showring training tips from you and help with walking on the lead. Id love to enter bailey in the showring at least once and see what happens...she is beautiful (daddys Love) at he moment she walks all over the place and dont really like the harness (recomended by Karen)she keeps pulling and biting it, so I let her run free as much as I can in an enclosed secure field near home. How do you do the training (sessions, times, price, etc...) we were thinking to call in sometime if you dont mind so you can see bailey and she her development.
In the mean time Ill try to go to some showring to see whats going on there and familiarized bailey with other dogs and so on
Thank you for all your help
Take care Miguel

Hi there Richard and Denise, thank you for sending his Iriish kennel club certificate. Henry is doing really well he loves it at the Caravan. . He is still cheeky but In a nice way. Everyone loves him even the Vet. She said he is perfect. I hope all is well with you both.
Lesley Xxxx

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