New Owners Comments

We are very proud of the puppies that we breed,

 It takes a lot of love, time and effot on our part to produce well ajusted
happy healthy puppies,

We would like to thank all of the People that have bought a puppy from us, for taking the time and the trouble to keep us updated with the progress of their new family addition.

it Kurt i bought spock who i renamed Ali off you just said i would give you an update on how he is gettin on he is doing very well and settled in almost instantly, got all his needles and loves his walks and his football, he is all house trained and sleeps down stairs in his cage at night and eats like a horse.
He is going to be a big chap even the vet commented on him but alls good and thank for everything and keep up the good work.
p.s i attached a foto of him he loves the camera

Hi Denise,
just a quick email to ask you what you bathed Harry with, he was really lovely & soft & white when we got him & also can you recommend anything to get rid of the eye stain marks have tried something from pet shop but doesn't seem to work!
Harry's doing really well & loves digging holes in theback garden!
Nuggett & him get on better than we could have wished for which is great.
Thanks very much. Vikki. x

Hello guys .
Haven't spoken to you in a while . How are you keeping . Allie is perfect now always looking for somebody to play with. I have started bringing her on small walks now and she enjoys them . She loves her toys in the evenings . She sits beside the fire at night and then sleeps in her cage anyway hope to talk soon .
I wish you the happiest Christmas
Cathal J Ryan

Hi Denise
I Think Roxy is going to be really tall everyone keeps saying her legs are like a great danes.
She truly is my little angel and I and the rest of the family just love her to pieces. Everyone who has met her loves her to bits as they did AD and she still has more to meet.
Another special lady. Thank you so much.
Best wishes.

Hi happy new year, just a couple of pics of Masie she settled in well and is growing fast. We had lots of snow which she loved. Will keep in touch.
Claire and Wayne
Hi Richard & Denise
I hope you are both well.Just a quick note to update you on the few issues we were having with Jack last week.Big improvement all round with only a couple of "blips".Your expert advice & sincere support is fantastic and very much appreciated.
He has stolen all our hearts and is a great addition to our family.Mary will send a few photos of "Jackie Boy" with the girls to you soon from above email address.
Kind regards

Hi Denise & Richard
 Hope you had a good trip back.
 The allergy calmed down once I gave Elle a bath etc but he is still suffering but not sure if this is Elle or hayfever. Im hoping it hayfever as it has been a high pollen count the past few days. Once the pollen count goes down we will have a clearer picture.
 Elle is doing really well she is very happy here and I am very happy that she is here. I just pray that Gary is now suffering with hayfever and not allergy to Elle.
Best wishes

Hi Denise & Richard
Just to let you know that Zara is settling in in Scotland. I did what you recommended & got her a large crate the day we got her. She is beautiful but alot of work - just like our other two boxers we had. When she falls asleep, i lift her into her crate & wait till she falls asleep again before going for a bath etc. But as soon as im away for 10mins, shes barking, howling & really stressing herself out trying to get out & back in our company. I ignore her until she calms down but she is getting in such a state. Even for 10mins. Any more advice would be grateful. She also went for her check up at the vets today, they gave her ears a clean. The vet absolutely loved her and said she was a beautiful dog
Hope all is well with you both

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