How do I buy A puppy

So you have decided to have a boxer puppy, having talked to everyone in the family about the time and commitment as well as the fact that your lives will never be the same anymore, with this bundle of pent up energy bombing about the house, you have decided its for you.

Having looked at our Puppy page, and having found a picture of a puppy that you like, and after You have also read our service to New Owners and fully understand the commitment that we make to anyone that has a clyrocko puppy.

You have decided to go ahead - Now what do you do next,
Well firstly you contact us either by email or telephone,

we will ask the following questions,

1) have you had a boxer before.
2) Is someone at home during the day.
3) Do you have a secure garden, so that the puppy cannot escape,
4) Have you any other pets
5) do you have any children, and if so will they help in training and looking after the puppy.
6) will you be able to spend time going to training school with the puppy.
7) will someone be able to look after the dog while you go on holiday etc.
8) Having a dog is for life, its not a toy that can be put in a cupboard or discarded when the children lose interest, its a full time commitment.
9)Remember that you are more than welcome to come and meet mum and family and see the puppies at home.

Having answered all these questions, and we are all happy, we can then start the puppy process,

You can ask us any questions that you want at any time and we will have no problems in answering them.

If you do not live in Ireland, and you dont want to come to Ireland to look at the puppies, you chose your puppy from the pictures that we send you or from the ones on the puppy page, we will send you as many pictures as you want.

When you have decided on the puppy that you want, we will ask for a deposit, when this arrives we will let you know and send you a receipt by email, that way you have proof that you have paid us a deposit for the puppy and we know that that puppy is sold

We will then send you picture's as your puppy grows up each week until you have collected the puppy from us,

If you live in the UK we will bring the puppy over to you,which will not be until the puppy is at least 15 weeks old, as the puppy has to be vaccinated against
rabies & have a pet passport to enter the UK legally, and this cannot be done until the puppy is 12 weeks old. we always like to meet all the new owners in person, before the puppy goes to his or her new home.

The puppy will come to you with his/her puppy pack and all its paperwork,and be fully vaccinated, have its own pet passport, be lead and toilet trained
and we also give you 24/7 help and advise for the rest of its life.

that's all there is to it.

We hope that you all have fun with your new fur baby,
and welcome it into your family like you would any new baby that arrives.

do remember we may have sold the puppy but we still want to be involved with it growing up, so PLEASE do keep us updated with how things go and lots of pictues as he/she grows into a hansome or beautiful boxer.

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