Denise's History in Boxers

Hi My name is Denise and I have owned boxers since I was 7 yrs old,

I Used to show, Breed and Live with my son Phillip and of course all of our dogs
over in England, that was until I met Richard in August 2009,
I now live in the best place in Ireland, Co Kerry, with Richard, the Boxers, Douge De Bordeaux and Annie our newest addition a Leonberger, not forgetting the 2 Cats.

I grew up with Boxers, My aunt used to breed them way back in the 1950 and gave me one for my 7th birthday a big german bred red and white boy with a black face
 who I named BOOTS
and so started a very long love affair with this wonderful breed.

Now I pestered my Mum and Dad for 4 yrs for a dog having lost Boots at the age of 4yrs old, and then to my surprise in march 1968 I was asked what did I want for my
16th birthday, YES you guessed it A boxer dog was the reply
So for my 16th Birthday My Mum bought me Sabre his Pedigree name was
Joe Louis from Braeside he was a Greentops Drum Major son,he was a very big hansome red and white boy.we got him from a small breeder in Sevenoaks Kent,
It was a year later that having kept on that I though Sabre was lonely at home
on his own,while we were all at work,college etc,
That Mum & Dad gave in and let me get him a girl friend, and that is how
I got to have Spice her pegigree name was Duckscottage Linwins Ruby
and she was a beautiful red and white girl,
we bought her from Mrs Kay White of Duckscottage Boxers,

I first started showing at the age of 16 at weekends doing mostly exemption shows
and the odd open show, I had a lot of fun eventhough both sheba and sabre
were not very interested in being show dogs.

I was also training to be a verteranry nurse a job which I loved, I had always dreamed of this since a child
I bred my first litter at the age of 18 in 1971 from Sheba & Sabre
They had a very nice litter of six puppies.
I kept a bitch as I thought I would try and take her to some shows, but she had other ideas absolutely hated showing. (just my luck).
So off I went again in search of another showdog, this time I ended
up in Essex and I bought home a Red and White Bitch, she was out of a Dutch dog,
we called her Tanya, but as she was so naughty she ended up with a
nickname (Pickle) as she was always in one.and once again did she like
showing NOT a chance,

so I deceided to mate her to Sabre hoping that maybe this time I would get my showdog.
but alas it was not to be, Tanya ended up having a C-Section and lost all the puppies,
I was gutted not only for myself but for her as well.

So that was my venture into breeding Spice did not want to be mated again, she would growl
at poor sabre everytime she was in season, so we decided to have her spayed,
and Tanya having lost her litter was spayed at the same time,so that was it no more
showing,the 3 dogs were delighted, no more did they have to go out early in the day and
be pulled about in a ring in all weathers,they could be themselves lay on the bed,
enjoy their lazy day and have long walks in the park, paddle in the rivers and ponds
and just be great pets that bought us hours of pleasure

I then did all of the usual things got married had a son packed up work.

It wasn't until 1983 that with time on my hands I decided to try the showing lark again,
but this time I bought a tygarth bitch called Tyegarth Marmite ( spice to her friends) I got her when she was 18wks old from Shelia Cartwright and had a fair bit of success
with her in the ring at championship and open shows,

I was very lucky that my son Phillip also enjoyed going to the dog shows with me, and he deceided to
start showing the dogs himself at the age of 5yrs old with spice in Junior Handling,
It was a few years later while we were at the British Boxer Club show that a lovely gentleman came up
to me , and said Hello My Name is Terry Murphy
I understand that, that young man out there doing junior handling is your son
Yes I replied, well my dear I train junior handlers and I think he has a lot of potential,
would you bring him on a monday evening to my traing school in North London,
I was very flattered as I also thoughtPhillip handled the dogs extremely well. he really did have the knack,
so the journeys begain, Monday eveningon the way to training Phillip would do his homework in the
car and then fall asleep on the way back home,

I have to say I am still very PROUD today of what Phillip acheived in the showring,
Not only in the breed Gina was nearly as big as him, but also in the junior handling classes
the dedication that he showed really payed off, Instead of going out playing football with
his friends like most boys, he spent his nights going dog training with me,
and weekends we travelled up and down the country together doing the same
thing more dog shows. by the time he was 16yrs old. he was one of the
He and even had to compete with the other handlers one year at a special event held
in Dublin to have the chance of representing Ireland at CRUFTS.

Spice did not have a season until she was 4yrs old, we mated her to a Dutch Import
Wardo V Dommeldal and kept a red brindle and white boy.
We called him Valdenton Tropical Storm (Baron)
he was the first of our show dogs to carry the Valdenton affix
which was started in 1971 by myself and my mother.

By 1987 Phillip was doing extremely well with Spice in the showring so we bought him his own dog
she was Sugarwood Sea Mist (Tanya) she was a daughter of Kenbru Artemus of Seefield ,
she was bred by John Cormack and Veronica Fever.(Sugarwood Boxers),
I also bought a red and white bitch from Margatet Carpenter Smith,
she was called Bella Lucky Lady (Kelly) she was an Admiral Benbow daughter

I also decided to book a bitch puppy from Mary and John Hamilton (Marbelton Boxers).
but had to wait 18 months until 1988 when we were lucky enough to get what we wanted

We bought 2 bitches Looks Trendy for Marbelton (Donna) A daughter of Ch Marbelton Hey Good Lookin and Saturday Girl at Marbelton (Gina) she was a daughter of Dutch Import Dolf the Bhue Farm at Marbelton, both were Dark brindle and white girls,
 I showed Donna and Phillip Showed Gina, and the battle started,
we loved nothing more than to beat each other in the ring,
and was I a PROUD MUM when he did.

Gina turned out not only a terrific show dog for Phillip he showed her at open and CHAMPIONSHIP level
and had a good deal of sucess not bad for a boy of 10 yrs old, but he also started to pick
his own puppies from the litters that we had, proving that he also had an eye for a good showdog
One of his top puppies he picked was VALDENTON SHE'S GOT THE LOOK (SASHA)
she was one of not only the top producing bitches we had but also one of our top showdogs
winning green stars,reserve green stars, Best Junior Handler in show, Best Veteran In Show
and she was Crufts Qualified for LIFE

Donna and Gina were also two of the best foundation bitches we could ever had hoped for
all our dogs today go back to these 2 girls.
Donna produced My Top Winning Girl Valdenton Dark and Trendy
Gina Produced us Our first Champion to carry the VALDENTON AFFIX
she was Irish Champion Valdenton What a Stunner (Jocanter)


I started Judging in March 1993, and I still enjoy this immensely having judged all breeds in
the UK and on the Continent. at open and championship show level

There have been many ups and down over the past 40yrs, but I count myself very lucky
as I have now got the most wonderful happy life with Richard ,
 He is my BEST FRIEND, SOUL MATE AND COMPETITOR, we enjoy our hobby very much

and just like me and Phillip, we also love to beat each other in the ring.
We have many an argument on the way to the shows,
but all forgotten by the time we arrive there,
  we have such fun and count ourselves very lucky to have found each other at last.

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