One of the leading causes of death in boxers are heart conditions and cancers.

At this time, there are no genetic test that show which dogs will
develope cancers
While Boxers are very prone to a whole host of cancers. One of the most common is mast cell cancer. Boxers frequently recover from this form at a greater rate than many breeds.

Many boxers that get benign tumors like fatty lipomas and histiocytomas
will never get a more malignant form of cancer

Please keep in mind that cancer is not one entity but many -- and think of cancers in people. Very few are actually hereditary.
Even in breast cancer,in which a definite hereditary genetic link has been found, that still only accounts for 10% of the breast cancer cases.

The bad news is that boxers do get lymphoma, fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, mast cell cancer, and virtually every other cancer known to the canine world.

Boxers also get a brain tumor that seems to be specific to the breed.
Breeders of many of the longer-lived lines often say that their boxers live
until a certain age, then die of a brain tumor or some other fast-acting cancer.

Many, if not most, boxers go out of this world because of cancer
If we saw a lot of different cancers in a family of dogs, we would most probaberly be more concerned with their overall immune systems
than the cancers themselves.

And the immune system problems might also be genetic or environmental,
so you're still back where you started!
You must remember that dogs have much shorter life span than we do,
both genetic and environmentally-caused cancers will be more visible
and cross-generational to our eyes than the same rate in human lifespans,

we very seldom know what the offspring of our great grandparents died of,

The good news is that there are almost as many options for cancer treatment these days for dogs as for people, including surgery,
tumor-inhibiting drugs, and radiation.
There are holistic approaches to feeding as well.

You can attempt to avoid lines of boxers that have displayed a tendency
to develop cancer in them.

Unfortunately, cancer is a kind of a wild card in life.

you can take all the sensible precautions,but there may be nothing
you can do to avoid it.

we think our best advise is simply to make your dogs' environment as healthy as possible and foster the best possible immune systems they can have.

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