This is also known as KILLER BLOAT and the official name is Gastric Dilatation Volvulus. This is a very serious canine health problem. When this strikes to a serious degree, it is fatal in up to 50% of cases.

There are actually 2 different types of Bloat and each is as serious in their
own right.

Type 1) The dog's stomach distends with gas and fluid. There may be a slight rotation of the stomach (less than 180 degrees).

Type 2)The distended stomach twists anywhere from 180 to 360 degrees.
The spleen, which is connected to the stomach wall, rotates out as well.
This severe twisting of the stomach is called volvulus and can be life threatening

Boxer Dog Bloat happens when food, water and air becomes trapped in the dog's stomach because of the stomach "twisting".
This issue may seem bad enough, however other issues are taking place
as well.

When this happens, fluid and excess air is trapped and unable to be released from the stomach.

In addition, the dog is unable to burp or vomit out the trapped food, air and gases, because the area of the body called the gastroesophageal junction becomes obstructed during the rotation.

This causes further bloating. Blood circulation is then cut off and the
dog's life is in danger.

Without immediate veterinary treatment, serious health issues begin
to quickly escalate
This includes acute dehydration, bacterial septicemia (bacteria sweeps into the blood), circulatory shock (due to inadequate levels of oxygen in the body), cardiac arrhythmias (the heart's normal rhythm is disrupted), gastric perforation (a complete penetration of the wall of the stomach, resulting in intestinal contents flowing into the dog's abdominal cavity) , peritonitis ( a dangerous swelling of the the thin tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen and covers most of the abdominal organs). Death is the final stage.

Owners must be aware of this issue to both take preventative steps and
to keep an eye out for any signs.

This can happen to all Boxers and age is immaterial, it could be a puppy
or an adult, and can strike at any time even to the most healthiest of dogs.

What Can Cause Bloat

•Overeating or eating too fast - this is the most common reason
•Exercising heavily right before or right after eating
•Gulping down a large amount of water directly after eating a meal
•Stress also plays a role

What are the Symptoms?

Early Signs

•The stomach will not show the bloat yet, but it will feel "tight"
•Appearing to be uncomfortable
•Hanging the head low

Symptoms Once Volvulus Begins (the actual twisting of the stomach and a serious stage of bloat that requires emergency veterinary attention):

•Vomiting or dry heaving
•Excessive drooling
•Whining, moaning
•A tight stomach that is clearly visible to you - it will appear distended and protrude more than normal.
•The dog may walk in a strange way due to the pain and twisted stomach
•Signs that your Boxer dog is in pain and discomfort - a dog may want to be alone or may act aggressive if you try to go near him...a dog may feel vulnerable when in pain and many will become very defensive.
•Signs of shock - pale gums, shallow breathing, a slow heartbeat and a coolness of the skin

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