About Us

This is a brief story of how it all began My Name is Richard Maeer,

I was Born In a small Village in Devon Called Bransco
I started breeding and showing boxers in the United Kingdom in early 1990 with a good deal of success,
The First champion I Bred Was

 I moved to Southern Ireland in 2004 to have a slower pace of life, having been over there with friends
and enjoyed myself every time, I asked them could they please find me somewhere to live near them,
they found to my surprise the perfect place in a another small village in the very beautiful County Kerry,

I decided that as I was once again surrounded by fields that it was be great to have some company ,
so I went on the lookout for a boxer girl, I found a Brindle & White Girl and called her Devon,
as Devon got older I thought she would like a friend so once again I went hunting this time
I was looking for a red and white Bitch, I went miles looking at litters, and and eventually I came accross
the perfect puppy, so home she came I named her Tia.
We had a wonderful exsistance the three of us, the girls enjoyed their walks, cuddles on the sofa etc,
and I enjoyed pottering about in the garden growing vegetables and plants.

I had no intention of ever showing boxers again,
that was until quite by chanceI met Arthur and Shirley Butters, (Mindenwood Boxers)
I started to handle for them winning quite a lot of Greenstars & BOB with their dogs -

Ch Bohan Diamond Edition at Mindenwood (Di) , Ch Mindenwood Coolhand Luke,
 Bohan Maloupotie of Mindenwood (Lexie), Mindenwood Mr Bojangles (BoBo),
Bohan Limied Edition at Mindenwood, (Danny), and of course the unforgetable Taggart,
 Itsarn Itcanbedone at Tisalmyn, I enjoyed myself so much handling all these wonderful dogs,
it happened I got the show bug again,

It was while I was at the Tralee Open Show that I met Terry and Dee Bonner (Teldeean Boxers).
We became very good friends and I spent a lot of time with them going to shows, thenDee asked me
one day if I would show her new Puppy Teldeeann My Man (Barney),
I agreed and me and barney won 3 reserve green stars at ch shows,
plus many BOB and Groups at open level,

Dee and Terry had to go to the Uk, and they asked me if I would move into their place and look after their
house and dogs, the only problem was that, they were expecting 2 litters of puppies while they were away,
it was while I was delivering the puppies that I saw a lovely red and white bitch, when I mention to Dee that
I liked the look of her, she said I could have the puppy as it would be their way of paying me for all that
I had just done for them, and so in June 2009 I collected Teldeeann Ere Bj on Megan at Clyrocko,
Megan did me proud in the ring, she was not unplaced in her first 5 shows., 

It was on the munster circuit 2009 as I was coming out of the Fitgerald Woodlands Hotel,
(The Limerick Ch Show is held there each year) that I met Denise Barrett (Valdenton Boxers) and her friend Sue, hey were over here again showing on the Munster Circuit, Denise has been in boxers since she was 7 yrs old , and showing and breeding for the past 40yrs, we started chatting and it turned out that we had been competing against each other in the show ring both in the UK and Ireland, without either of us knowing.

I bumped into them again at The Tralee Ch Show and they said they were staying at Killarney for another week, so I invited them over to my place for a meal.Denise suggested that it would be easier if I come over to them as they were going to do some sightseeing, so I gave her my phone number and we arranged to meet up the following week, we had a great meal and
spent ages chatting about all the people and dogs we knew, as Denise and Sue had also invited Terry and Dee Bonner (Denise knew them from when they lived in England) for a meal they asked me if I would like to come along againas well as we were friends, So 2 days later
we all met up again at Killarney, we all had a great time talking about old times.
We all arranged to meet up on the Saturday at the Dublin show, it was their last show before they returned home, we had a good laugh in and outside the ring, and while we were having coffee, Denise told me she had just mated 2 of her girls, if there was anything special in the litters would I like to have 2 pups and show them over here in a partnership, I said Yes Please,
and so a really special friendship began.

We stayed in close contact with each other, the pups were born at the beginning of October and Denise said their was a nice dog in the litter if I wanted him his name was JB she was keeping his sister Devon. she was also keeping a bitch out of the other litter called kerry, eventhough I had only seen pictures of the pups I really liked the look of kerry,and wanted her as well, it took a lot of persuading to get herbut eventually at the end of december Kerry and JB were coming to Ireland to live with me or so I thought,
(as it turned out Denise her Boxers and 3 Douge De Bordeaux's came to live with me)
I suggested to Denise that she should come over for a long weekend to stay, and meet my dogs and see where the pups would be living, she agreed and came over the beginning of December we had a great week together, it was like we had known each other all our lives,
Denise agreed to stay again at the end of December for a few weeks as she was bringing the pups over and going to do a few shows as well,we all got on great humans and dogs.

We have had a fantastic 2010 our 1st Year together,
Megan Won a Reserve Green Star, Dee Dee Became A Junior Celtic Winner,
and the 5 Pups have done Us Proud in their 1st Year winning many BPIB,
Group Placings BPIS and RBPIS at championship and open level.

We are Best Friends, Partners and Great Compeditors in the show ring
and on the 22nd August 2012 we became Husband and Wife,
exactly 3 years to the day of when we first met,
and just to make it the fairytale ending we were married at The Fitgerald Woodland Hotel

which is where we first met on the steps of the Hotel

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