Abbie's News from England


Morning Richard and Denise, Just to let you know I'm doing O.K.
I stopped off at Catton Park yesterday to meet Rigsby and his family and came to Drayton to have my dinner(which I enjoyed). Trevor opened a nice bottle of red wine to celebrate my arrival, but all I got was a drink of tea. In the evening I tried out the sofas, there are 3. To chose from, which colour do you think suits me the best ? Today I'm going to explore the local walks, and meet 'Shadow" who lives next door. She is not a proper dog, like me, only a Labrador.Then I will play about the garden for a bit and perhaps chill out for a bit, or not. Hope you had a good journey back and don't miss me too much. Love Abbie,

Hi Abbie, Jo and Trevor,
well it looks like you have found yourself a really special home, and we hope that you are going to be a very good girl for your new mum and dad.
our journey home was in pouring rain, (which you would not have liked) as you dont like the rain.and yes we do miss you, but we know that Jo and Trevor will love you as much as we do, so you will have a lovely life filled with love and loads of adventures
we can see from the pictures that you have a new cousin, now be a good girl and dont boss him
about just cos hes younger than you.
As for the sofa's you really have landed on your paws, it looks like you prefer the last one as you are asleep with your head on the cushion,
Now that you are being totally spoilt, just remember to listen to what your mum and dad tells you to do, and dont go all boxer deaf on them,
your mum sends her love, and so do all the others, now you have started something they all want a sofa as
give our regards to Jo & Trevor, and remind them that we are only a phone call away if they need any advice.
you take care and enjoy yourself.
lots of hugs and love
Nanny Den & Grandad Richard. xxx

Hello everyone, I'm settling down well here, had a bit of trouble sleeping on my own, so I Got a cuddly rabbit toy at Fidos Pet Store and a cosy duvet for my crate. I went in to choose them myself, and the ladies, made big fuss of me, I think I will be their favourite customer. I. Listen to Radio 2 " Best time of the day show" from 2am-5am, as I have my own digital radio, by my crate, so I 'm not too lonely, while the others are upstairs in bed. I went to introduce myself to my team of vets, and will go back again after Christmas for an op. I'm sending their photos for you to check them out. The computers are quite interesting, I made sure Trevor ordered the correct food and a man with a big van delivered it. He brought 2 big sacks as I'm planning to stop here. Dylan and Maisy think I'm. Ab Fab (absolutely fabulous). Have travelled about in both the cars a bit and been very good. I'm very naughty around food and drink, and have been told off quite a few times, will I learn or am I just a piggy? Hope you are all doing OK without me.
Love Abbie. And all in Drayton. XX.


Hello Abbie,
its great to hear from you we are so pleased that you are settling in so well and enjoying your new life in Norfolk., your mum (wrap) and half sister (Voddie) send their love as well as all the rest of the family, esp uncle thunder he said you had better be behaving yourself.
its lovely that you have a new toy, bet you had loads of fun in the shop choosing it, we are sure that the ladies thought you were just wonderful and so clever, just remember one thing do not chew it, the cuddley rabbit is for you to cuddle upto at night to stop you from missing all your family,
and its nice that you have music to get you off to sleep, it must be like being over here, the only difference is that we listen to Radio kerry, but I used to like radio 2 they play some great music at night. your mum keeps moaning that now she does not have you to sleep with can she have a cuddley rabbit as well..... maybe she will get one depends on how good she can be this week,
we can see that you have some lovely vets that will take very good care of you when you have your op after christmas, bet they think you are a very beautiful young lady boxer,
we see from the pictures that it was a good job that you kept an eye on Trevor, and made sure that he did everything right, we know how much you like your food, but you must be a good girl and take things gently, we were always telling you not to be in such a hurry, but as you get older and wiser you will learn not to be a piggy.
So you have made a hit with Dylan & Maisy thats good, we are very proud of you, you must be a good girl and look after them,and love them as much as they love you.
its very quite here without you, and Ruddie and Hobby miss not having you to play with, they thought you were away on holiday, but we told them that you had found some lovely people that you wanted to stay with so would not be coming back, they were very sad, so we said that maybe we would take them over to see you one day, ruddie got all excited and ran around with his toy in his mouth, and hobby was chasing him trying to take it off him.
must go and give them all their night time biscuit,
say Hi to Trevor & Jo,
and remember that we do love you loads
Nanny Den and Grandad

Hello everyone in Ireland, Hope all is good with you. We don't know if you received last weeks newsletter, but I am trying again today. This week has been half term so I've. Had lots of fun , but unfortunately I overdid the running around, and damaged the nail on my rear right foot. I went to the vet, they sedated me and removed my torn toenail, I have to bathe my foot in warm salt water, and take some painkillers and antibiotics. I have also got ear drops for poorly ears. I have been back to Fidos(pet store) and got a very smart red collar and new lead. The man with a van delivered a new crate for Jo's car so I can travel more safely and can be locked securely for a little while if necessary to leave me. I am still having trouble sleeping alone at night , do you have any tips for me ?
I really enjoy going out in the car, and am getting more used to traffic when out walking. I am entering a competition , I may win the prize for the naughtiest and the funniest dog in Drayton, but one things for sure everybody loves me.
Love from all here, especially Abbie


Good evening Abbie, Jo and Trevor,
we do apologise for not having answered sooner but life is so hetic at the moment, having to take 7-8 hours from the day to visit richard in hospital for the past 2 weeks, he was 147 miles away in cork, and also seeing to all you family over here, I did not have enough time in the day to look at the computor.
Having read your news Abbie you really are a very lucky girl to be having such a wonderful life over in the UK, and so very spoilt, so be a good girl and go to sleep at night, and stop disturbing Trevor and Jo.
The pictures are just lovely, and now that I have some time I will make you a page on the website, with all your new pictures of you and your family, so everyone will be able to see what a wonderful life you now have.
As you are still having trouble sleeping, (we think this may be becoming a habit) ask Jo to get a blanket that your cousin Rigsby has slept on, this may just bring you the comfort that you need, as it will have the scent of your much loved new playmate, and therefore should remind you of being around all your fur family that you are missing,
It has also only been a month, so with time and patience you will get used to being on your own, all things in life take time to adjust to or maybe Jo could telephone Dorwest Herbs Ltd (01308-897272) or Email: they do homapathic medicines and they may be able to suggest something to make you calmer and help you to go to sleep
Richard has just come out of the hopsital this week, having had an operation on his back, (he had 3 slipped disc's in his lower back. so has had to have an operation on them to fuse 2 and make the nerve channel bigger as there was pressure on the nerve causing extreme back problems, he is now on crutches and will have to go back in 4 wks time, the radiotheraphy is now also finished and we will know more in 6 months time, so fingers crossed that all has worked,
give our love to Jo and Trevor, and we both send a big hug and kiss to you as well.
look forward to hearing from you soon,
Love and Kisses from Nanny & Grandad. xx

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